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{{search|[[Hoenn]] underwater|the underwater location in [[Unova]]|Abyssal Ruins}}
{{search|[[Hoenn]] underwater|the underwater location in [[Unova]]|Abyssal Ruins}}
{{Infobox location
{{Infobox location
|image=Hoenn Route 128 underwater RSE.png
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==Underwater areas==
==Underwater areas==
File:Route 105 Underwater.png|{{rt|105|Hoenn}}{{sup/3|E}}
File:Hoenn Route 105 underwater E.png|{{rt|105|Hoenn}}{{sup/3|E}}
File:Hoenn Route 124 underwater RSE.png|{{rt|124|Hoenn}}
File:Route 125 Underwater.png|{{rt|125|Hoenn}}{{sup/3|E}}
File:Hoenn Route 125 underwater E.png|{{rt|125|Hoenn}}{{sup/3|E}}
File:Hoenn Route 126 underwater RSE.png|{{rt|126|Hoenn}}
File:Route 127 Underwater RS.png|{{rt|127|Hoenn}}{{sup/3|RS}}
File:Hoenn Route 127 underwater RS.png|{{rt|127|Hoenn}}{{sup/3|RS}}
File:Route 127 Underwater E.png|{{rt|127|Hoenn}}{{sup/3|E}}
File:Hoenn Route 127 underwater E.png|{{rt|127|Hoenn}}{{sup/3|E}}
File:Hoenn Route 128 underwater RSE.png|{{rt|128|Hoenn}}
File:Route 129 Underwater.png|{{rt|129|Hoenn}}{{sup/3|E}}
File:Hoenn Route 129 underwater E.png|{{rt|129|Hoenn}}{{sup/3|E}}
File:Route 134 Underwater RSE.png|{{rt|134|Hoenn}}
File:Hoenn Route 134 underwater RSE.png|{{rt|134|Hoenn}}
File:Abandoned Ship UF.png|[[Abandoned Ship]]
File:Abandoned Ship UF RSE.png|[[Abandoned Ship]]
File:Marine Cave Underwater Entrace.png|[[Marine Cave]]{{sup/3|E}}
File:Marine Cave underwater entrance E.png|[[Marine Cave]]{{sup/3|E}}
File:Underwater Submarine.png|[[Seafloor Cavern]]
File:Submarine Explorer 1 RSE.png|[[Seafloor Cavern]]
File:Sealed Chamber Underwater.png|[[Sealed Chamber]]
File:Sealed Chamber underwater RSE.png|[[Sealed Chamber]]
File:Sootopolis City Underwater.png|[[Sootopolis City]]
File:Sootopolis City underwater RSE.png|[[Sootopolis City]]

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This article is about the Hoenn underwater. For the underwater location in Unova, see Abyssal Ruins.
Underwater すいちゅう
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Hoenn Route 128 underwater RSE.png
Map description: {{{mapdesc}}}
Location: Eastern Hoenn
Region: Hoenn
Generations: III
Hoenn RSE Map.png
Location of Underwater in Hoenn.
Pokémon world locations

Underwater areas (Japanese: すいちゅう Underwater) are special locations in Hoenn.


Underwater routes can only be accessed by using the move Dive outside of battle. This requires HM08 (Dive) and HM03 (Surf) on party Pokémon, as well as the Balance Badge and Mind Badge.

Route description

There are various differences among the underwater routes. What remains the same, however, is that they follow the general path of the deep water above them. Sometimes, there will be seaweed along the path; this is very similar to the tall grass of the surface world, where wild Pokémon appear. This is the only situation where the Dive Ball operates at full effectiveness*.

While underwater players can reach otherwise unreachable areas of the routes they are on, which often hide rare items. In Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, it is one of two ways to obtain shards, which can later be exchanged for evolutionary stones, the other being to obtain them from wild Pokémon that are holding them.

Among all underwater locations, only the underwater sections of Routes 127 and 128 connect.


  Pokémon     Games     Location     Levels     Rate  
170 Chinchou
Seaweed Seaweed
20-35 30%
366 Clamperl
Seaweed Seaweed
20-35 65%
369 Relicanth
Seaweed Seaweed
30-35 5%
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Underwater areas

Stone Badge.png Knuckle Badge.png Dynamo Badge.png Heat Badge.png Balance Badge.png Feather Badge.png Mind Badge.png Rain Badge.png
Littleroot TownOldale TownPetalburg CityRustboro CityDewford TownSlateport CityMauville CityVerdanturf Town
Fallarbor TownLavaridge TownFortree CityLilycove CityMossdeep CitySootopolis CityPacifidlog TownEver Grande City
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Lilycove MuseumShoal CaveTeam Aqua HideoutTeam Magma HideoutMossdeep Space CenterSeafloor CavernCave of Origin
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Contest HallBattle MaisonBattle TowerBattle TentSecret IsletSecret MeadowSecret Shore
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Access to
Birth IslandFaraway IslandNavel RockSky

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