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{{Itlistbod|X Special|In the row of tiles left of the top stairs, thirty-two tiles down from the top wall (''Hidden'')|RBY}}
{{Itlistbod|X Special|In the row of tiles left of the top stairs, thirty-two tiles down from the top wall (''Hidden'')|RBY}}
{{Itlistbod|TM Normal|Unknown|HGSS|display={{TM|60|Explosion}}}}
{{Itlistbod|TM Normal|Trade [[Rage Candy Bar]]|HGSS|display={{TM|64|Explosion}}}}

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This article is about the Underground Path in Routes 5 and 6. For the Underground Path in Routes 7 and 8, see Underground Path (Routes 7-8). For the Underground Path in Goldenrod City, see Underground Path (Goldenrod).
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Underground Path (Routes 5-6) 0番道路
Route 0
Underground Path 5-6 HGSS.png
Map description
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Required for navigation
Connecting locations

Kanto Route 0
Location of Underground Path (Routes 5-6) in Kanto.
Pokémon world routes

The Underground Path between Route 5 and Route 6 is located directly underneath Saffron City and terminates just to the north and to the south of Saffron City.

In the games prominently featuring Kanto, the path is the only way to travel between Cerulean and Vermilion until the gatehouses surrounding Saffron are opened with a drink from Celadon City.

Route description

The path is a long, dark hallway that travels under Saffron. Despite the cave-like lighting of the path, there is no threat to be attacked by wild Pokémon. Occasionally, by using an Itemfinder, items that Trainers have dropped along the path can be found and retrieved.


Item Location Games

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Differences among generations

Across all generations, the design is virtually the same, only with updated graphics.

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