Underground Path (Kanto Routes 7-8)

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This article is about the Underground Path in Kanto Routes 7 and 8. For the Underground Path in Kanto Routes 5 and 6, see Underground Path (Kanto Routes 5-6).

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Underground Path 地下通路
Underground Path
Underground Path 7-8 FRLG.png
Map description
This area is not described by a map.
Required for navigation
Connecting locations
Route 7
Underground Path
Route 8
Kanto Route 0
Location of Underground Path in Kanto.
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Underground Path (Kanto Routes 5-6)       Dark Cave

The Underground Path (Japanese: 地下通路 Underground Path) between Routes 7 and 8 is located directly underneath Saffron City and terminates just to the east and to the west of Saffron City.

Route description

The path is a long, dark hallway that travels under Saffron City. Despite the cave-like lighting of the path, there is no threat of being attacked by wild Pokémon. Occasionally, by using an Itemfinder, items that Trainers have dropped along the path can be found and retrieved.

In Generations II and IV, this path was closed due to many ill-mannered Trainer battles.


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Item Location Games
Nugget Nugget Three squares north and ten squares east of the west staircase (hidden)  R  B  Y 
Elixir Elixer Nineteen squares east of the west staircase (hidden)  R  B  Y 
Ice Heal Ice Heal Four squares east and two squares south of the second lamp from the east (hidden)  FR  LG 
Antidote Antidote Four squares east and four squares south of the third lamp from the east (hidden)  FR  LG 
Ether Ether Three squares west and one square south of the third lamp from the east (hidden)  FR  LG 
Burn Heal Burn Heal Three squares west and two squares south of the fourth lamp from the east (hidden)  FR  LG 
Awakening Awakening Two squares west and three squares south of the fifth lamp from the east (hidden)  FR  LG 
Paralyze Heal Parlyz Heal Four squares east and three squares south of the seventh lamp from the east (hidden)  FR  LG 
Potion Potion Four squares west and three squares down of the seventh lamp from the east (hidden)  FR  LG 
Super Potion Super Potion Between the red and blue lines, near the Route 8 entrance (hidden)  P  E 
X Accuracy X Accuracy Middle of the Underground Path, against the northern wall  P  E 
Repel Repel Middle of the Underground Path (southwest of the X Accuracy), on the blue line (hidden)  P  E 
Hyper Potion Hyper Potion Middle of the Underground Path, on the blue line (hidden)  P  E 
Lure Lure Middle of the Underground Path, on the southern wall (hidden)  P  E 
Nugget Nugget Middle-west of the Underground Path, between the red and blue lines (hidden)  P  E 
Big Pearl Big Pearl Near the Route 7 entrance, on the red line (hidden)  P  E 
X Defense X Defense Near the Route 7 entrance, on the southern wall  P  E 


Generation VII

Trainer Pokémon
After becoming Champion
Master Trainer
Ace Trainer Fred
Ace Trainer Fred
タカト Takato
Reward: N/A
Nidorina Nidorina Lv.70
Super Fang Thunder
Blizzard -
Master Trainer
Ace Trainer Dave
Ace Trainer Dave
キリオ Kirio
Reward: N/A
Nidorino Nidorino Lv.75
Iron Tail Dig
- -
Master Trainer
Hiker Jim
Hiker Jim
トモアキ Tomoaki
Reward: N/A
Onix Onix Lv.70
Wrap Toxic
Harden Protect

Differences among generations

The only difference across all four generations was the removal of the Underground Path as a playable area in Generations II and IV. The reason is explained in a note from the Celadon Police left on the signpost to the Underground Path in Route 7.

There is a notice!

...Uncouth Trainers have been holding
battles in the Underground Path.

Because of rising complaints by local
residents, the Underground Path has
been sealed indefinitely.

            Signed, the Celadon Police

There is no equivalent notice on Route 8's entrance, though the signpost there does imply that it used to have one. It is possible that the Bikers fought there are responsible since one of them comments about the police closing it down.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Although the Underground Path doesn't make an actual appearance in Pokémon Adventures, the map of Red's journey in volume 2 shows that he used it as a shortcut to Celadon City between That Awful Arbok! and Wartortle Wars.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 地下通道 Deihhah Tūngdouh *
地道 Deihdouh *
地下通路 Deihhah Tūnglouh *
地下道 Deihhah Douh *
Mandarin 地下通道 Dìxià Tōngdào *
地道 Dìdào *
地下通路 Dìxià Tōnglù *
Finland Flag.png Finnish Maanalainen käytävä
France Flag.png French Souterrain
Germany Flag.png German Unterführung (VII)
Tunnelpfad (I-IV)
Italy Flag.png Italian Via Sotterranea
South Korea Flag.png Korean 지하 통로 Underground Path
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Underjordisk tunnel[1]
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Rota Subterrânea
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Vía Subterránea
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Hang dưới lòng đất


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