Ultra Necrozma (Duel 525)

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Shiny Sylveon (520)
Pokémon Duel
Eevee (526)
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Ultra Necrozma
ウルトラネクロズマ Ultra Necrozma
Evolution stage 2
Figure name Ultra Necrozma
Move Points 3
Psychic Dragon
Version 7.0.4
Rarity UX
ID 525
Price N/A
Shiny variant
Figure name Shiny Ultra Necrozma
Version Unknown
ID 1
Price 5000Material
For more information on the Pokémon this figure depicts, see Necrozma.

Ultra Necrozma (Japanese: ウルトラネクロズマ Ultra Necrozma) is a figure in Pokémon Duel. It was made available in version 7.0.4.


Neuroforce ブレインフォース
Ultra Beast. This Pokémon can only be set as a form in a deck. In this Pokémon's first battle after moving to the field, its battle opponent's Gold Attacks become White Attacks. Any effect of this Pokémon's battle opponent's Ability that would increase Attack damage decrease it instead.

Attack wheel

Duel Z-Move.png Shattered Psyche マキシマムサイブレイカー 96 pt.
If this Pokémon is on the field, this Pokémon moves to a point 3 steps away after battle.
Duel Z-Move.png Light That Burns the Sky てんこがすめつぼうのひかり 96 pt.
An opposing Pokémon within X+1 steps spins, where X is the number of Pokémon in the Ultra Space. If it spins a Purple Attack, that Pokémon is excluded from the duel.
Duel Z-Move.png Devastating Drake アルティメットドラゴンバーン 96 pt.
A Pokémon on the field spins. If it spins a Miss or a White Attack of 120 damage or more, it is knocked out.
Photon Geyser フォトンゲイザー 24 pt.
This Pokémon may attach a Photon marker to the battle opponent. If this Pokémon has changed its form from Necrozma, it may attach the marker to a Pokémon within X=1 steps, where X is the number of Pokémon in the Ultra Space, instead of the battle opponent. The ability of a Pokémon with a Photo Marker is nullified.
Miss ミス 4 pt.
Reflect Move 24 pt.
If there are any other Ultra Beasts on the field, this Pokémon may move over its battle opponent and land 1 step away.
Laser Burst 44 pt.




This figure features the Ultra form of Necrozma. Neuroforce is an Ability in the Pokémon games that Ultra Necrozma can have. Photon Geyser is a move in the games that Necrozma can learn. Shattered Psyche, Light That Burns the Sky, and Devastating Drake are Z-Moves in the games, although Necrozma can only use Light That Burns the Sky in this form, by equipping Ultranecrozium Z.

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