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Ultra Space ウルトラスペース
Ultra Space
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Alternate dimension
Region: Unknown
Generations: VII

Location of Ultra Space in Unknown.
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Ultra Space (Japanese: ウルトラスペース Ultra Space) is the home of the Ultra Beasts and the place where Lusamine is confronted for the final time. The player and Lillie reach it through a portal Nebby, now a SolgaleoS/LunalaM, creates after it evolves at the Altar of the SunneS/Altar of the MooneM. The player can return to their world to prepare by talking to SolgaleoS/LunalaM.

In the games

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The player first hears about the possible existence of Ultra Space and Ultra Wormholes from Professor Burnet, who is researching these strange phenomena.

The player and Lillie first arrive in Ultra Space to retrieve Guzma and Lusamine and save the Aether Foundation president from herself. Guzma stops them as they proceed forward, warning them of the dangers ahead. When he arrived in Ultra Space, he had tried to capture one of the Ultra Beasts, but it possessed him. Fully aware he was being controlled by something else, Guzma felt fear for the first time in his life. He then tells Lillie that Lusamine is too far gone, but Lillie is not deterred.

Further inside, five of the same Ultra Beasts appear in front of Lillie, before dispersing and revealing Lusamine. Lusamine reveals the true name of UB-01, Nihilego, and chastises her daughter for intruding on her paradise. Lillie tries to reason with her, but is quickly shut down, told to leave, and disowned by Lusamine. Lillie finally stands up to her mother, saying that children are not just things that belong to parents, and that Pokémon aren't just things that belong to Trainers. Lusamine blames the player for Lillie's defiance, and releases a Nihilego from a Beast Ball, willingly letting it possess her, before battling the player with the rest of her Pokémon.

After the player defeats Lusamine, Lillie calls SolgaleoS/LunalaM to help as the merged Lusamine/Nihilego prepares to attack her. The Legendary Pokémon roars, forcing Nihilego and Lusamine apart and sending the Ultra Beast back to its Ball. Exhausted, Lusamine falls to the floor, and Lillie runs to her mother. With the last of her strength, Lusamine asks her daughter when she became so beautiful before losing consciousness. Suddenly, the area grows unstable and Nihilego start surrounding the player, Lillie, Guzma, and Lusamine. Acting fast, SolgaleoS/LunalaM teleports the group out of Ultra Space before the Nihilego swarms can catch up to them.


Each of Lusamine's Pokémon has an aura that boosts one of its stats, similar to the auras of the Totem Pokémon.


  • The Rotom Pokédex does not have a map for Ultra Space, does not respond to any input, and does not speak while inside.
  • Ultra Space appears to have a higher atmospheric pressure as Lillie mentions that the air is thick and harder to breathe.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 究極空間 Gaugihk Hūnggāan
Mandarin 究極空間 / 究极空间 Jiūjí Kōngjiān
France Flag.png French Ultra-Dimension
Germany Flag.png German Ultradimension
Italy Flag.png Italian Ultramondo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 울트라스페이스 Ultra Space
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ultraespacio

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