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| 79 || {{m|Thunder}}
| 79 || {{m|Thunder}}
| 96 || (Glitched Attack)
| 96 || {{m|Super Glitch}}
| 100 || {{m|Horn Attack}}
| 100 || {{m|Horn Attack}}

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Glitchy Charizard (also known as "Glitchy Symbols" because its name consists of only glitched boxes) is a glitch Pokémon found only in the Yellow version. It is not to be confused with Charizard 'M, a similar but unrelated glitch which can only be found in the Red and Blue versions.

Glitchy Charizard can only be found in the Yellow version by doing Method #3 of the Mew glitch and using a Pokémon with a special stat of 199. It will appear at level 9 and once caught, will behave the same way a normal Charizard would, except that its name consists of random glitched boxes. Like Charizard, Glitchy Charizard's types are Fire and Flying and its Pokédex number is #006. When players enter a battle with it, the game itself slows down.

In the Red/Blue versions, it is difficult to obtain a Pokémon using the Mew glitch with a Pokémon with a special stat of 199 (the game usually freezes). The Red/Blue equivalent of Glitchy Charizard is p T, and the easiest way for a Red/Blue player to get a p T is to have a Glitchy Charizard traded to them.

Level Generation I
Previous Scratch
10 TM05
15 Water Gun
18 Swords Dance
19 Razor Wind
30 TM05
31 Tackle
32 TM36
33 Glare
40 Wing Attack
53 Horn Drill
60 Poison Sting
61 TM04
62 TM55
66 TM04
72 TM04
73 Tackle
75 Pay Day
79 Thunder
96 Super Glitch
100 Horn Attack


Red/Blue: 'M (00)MissingNo.▶ Aaゥ (C1)ゥ .4h POKé
PokéWTrainerPkMn (C5)ゥL ゥM 4♀Pゥ ゥゥTゥU?◣ゥ 8PC4SH
PPkMn ◣ nTrainer▼ W G dOPkMn4XPkMn PkMn T4B 8 4 8
ゥ 'M p'u ゥAゥ GPゥ ゥ ゥ4 hGlitch (D7)PkMnaPkMnゥ ♂ fPkMnk
PkMnRPkMn "B (DA)Glitch (DB)Glitch (DC)7PkMn 'v-PkMn.PkMn
/PkMn ▼PkMn'v……ゥ (E3)Glitch (E4)C- -
Pゥ 4$X CcA (EA)Glitch (EB)Glitch (EC)hゥ
.gゥ$'Mゥ$ (F0)94ゥ l (F2)ゥ l (F3)ゥ$ (F4)
ゥ (F5)G'Mp'Ng'Mp'Ng ゥ$94 hGlitch (FA)'M 'N gO
ゥ$ 6ゥ'M (FE)'M (FF)
Yellow: 3TrainerPoké $MissingNo.4 44 4 Hy♀ .pPkMnp' 'ゥ ( Z4
X ゥ- xゥ,4. .ァ7gug gァ / g J 1Glitch (CA)
. pゥ.8ゥ. BPkMn pゥぁ ゥぇ (CE)4, ゥァ (CF)ゥ'B ァ h
PkMn ? Aゥゥ)ゥ (D4)'ゥ.PkMn pゥぁ ゥぇ (D6)B (D7)PkMn (D8)
ゥ (D9)]ゥ' BPkMn (DC)4, ゥァ (DD)8 (DE)p ID
8 P ァ'r 'r 4(h4to894 89 48B 4 8Z ゥ9
ゥHIゥ.4(h4hi?$4HI?'r ゥ$ Pゥ. 4(?/4(h4?
ゥ► ゥ▼ ゥh 4Pゥ ゥ.... ゥ ( .I' .' B' ゥゥ ゥェ ゥ ▷ゥ $ A (F3)♂ p ゥ
▼ pゥゥ $ A (F6)PkMn (F7)ゥ 4- 4$ゥ▾ ゥ♂F q ,
ゥ$ 4MN ゥ× 'rゥ. 4-ゥ/ 4ァ 4,Q ◣
Glitch EggGlitch Unown
Generation III: -???????????Bad EggÓË {e Ai
Generation IV: -----Bad EggGeneration IV hybrid
Generation V: -----Bad EggGlitch Unown
Generation VI: Bad EggGeneration VI 724+ glitch Pokémon
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