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Tyson Satoshi
Art from the PTCGO website
Gender Male
Eye color Red
Hair color Brown
Hometown Miami
Region USA
Trainer class Trading Card Game Player

Tyson is a regular at the Game Store in Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. So far, he can be faced in two of the four leagues in the Trainer Challenge.

Tyson makes it to the Gold League's playoff semifinals but loses to Cammie.

In the Platinum League, Tyson makes it to the playoff quarterfinals, but loses to Juji.

In the Diamond League, Tyson makes it to the playoff quarterfinals but loses to Cammie.

He is said to have a crush on Ali

Official biography

"Tyson has been friends with Mick and Grayson for ages, and though he's competitive, they make him look laid-back. He joined the League when Ali did, to try to impress her, and he has gotten really into it since. He just got his driver's license and wants to buy a super-fast convertible someday"

In Gold League

Tyson uses a Grass and Fighting deck in the Gold League.

Tyson's Grass-Fighting deck

In Diamond League

Tyson uses a Grass deck in the Diamond League.

Tyson's Grass deck

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Professor Professor Holly
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