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Type-enhancing items, when held, will enhance the potency of attacks that correspond to the item by 10%. For example, if a Pokémon holds Mystic Water and uses a Water-type attack, the power of the Water-type attack will be increased by 10%. In D/P, this was changed to 20%.

If these items are sold, Poké Marts will pay PokémonDollar.png50 for them with the exception of Charcoal, for which Poké Marts will pay PokémonDollar.png4,900, and the Adamant/Lustrous Orbs for which Poké Marts will offer PokémonDollar.png5,000.

In Generation II, several of these items can only be obtained from the Week Siblings.

List of type-enhancing items

File:AdamantOrb.png Adamant Orb

File:BlackBeltSprite.png Black Belt

File:BlackglassesSprite.png BlackGlasses

File:CharcoalSprite.png Charcoal

File:DragonFangSprite.png Dragon Fang

File:HardStoneSprite.png Hard Stone

File:LustrousOrbSprite.png Lustrous Orb

File:MagnetSprite.png Magnet

File:MetalCoatSprite.png Metal Coat

File:MiracleSeedSprite.png Miracle Seed

File:MysticWaterSprite.png Mystic Water

File:NevermelticeSprite.png NeverMeltIce

Pink Bow

File:PoisonBarbSprite.png Poison Barb

Polkadot Bow

File:PlatinumOrb.png Platinum Orb

  • Type enhanced: Dragon and Ghost
  • Found:
  • Note: Only effective when held by Giratina. Also allows Giratina to be in its Origin Forme outside of the Ruined World. It unequips when initiating a trade with Diamond and Pearl, changing Giratina back to Another Forme.

File:SharpBeakSprite.png Sharp Beak

File:SilkScarfSprite.png Silk Scarf

File:SilverpowderSprite.png SilverPowder

File:SoftSandSprite.png Soft Sand

File:SpellTagSprite.png Spell Tag

File:TwistedspoonSprite.png TwistedSpoon


  • In Generation II, there was one item that would power up each type, with the exception of the Template:Type2, which had the Pink Bow and Polkadot Bow. In Generation IV, this is reversed, with each type powered up by one of the items as well as by a plate. The Normal-type is the exception here, as well, as there is no plate which boosts the power of Normal-type moves.
  • The Spell Tag looks similar to Dusclops' face.

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