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Tyler and Pippy

Tyler (Japanese: タイセイ Taisei) is a beginning Pokémon Trainer and the character of the day in The Thief That Keeps on Thieving!. He is voiced by 斎藤千和 Chiwa Saito in Japanese and by Zoe Martin in English.

Tyler was trying desperately to catch a Yanma when he met Ash and crew. Like Dawn, his starter Pokémon was a Piplup. It was nicknamed Pippy (Japanese: チャッピー Chappy), and it wore a tiara on its head that was a gift from Tyler's mother. After finally weakening a Yanma, he was about to catch it until Team Rocket showed up. Jessie threw a Poké Ball at it and caught it herself.

Dismayed by this, Tyler began to feel that he would never catch a Yanma, but Ash encouraged him and he found the confidence to try again. The next day, he attempts to catch another Yanma but Team Rocket interfered once again and the Yanma got away. A little bit later he put out some of Brock's Pokémon food and another Yanma started to eat it. Team Rocket tried to interfere again but Ash sent them blasting off. It took a couple of attempts but Tyler managed to catch this Yanma.


This listing is of Tyler's known Pokémon:

(チャッピー Chappy)


  • Like Ash and May, the first Pokémon Tyler caught was Template:Type2.
  • The tiara Pippy wore, along with its girlish behavior and much higher voice than Dawn's Piplup strongly implies that Pippy is a female.
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