Tucker's Arcanine

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Tucker's Arcanine
ヒースのウインディ Heath's Windie
Poké Ball
Tucker's Arcanine using ExtremeSpeed
Debuts in Tactics Theatrics!
Caught at Unknown
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location Battle Dome
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Arcanine Chie Satō

Tucker's Arcanine (Japanese: ヒースウインディ Heath's Windie) was one of the two Pokémon Tucker used to battle Ash in Tactics Theatrics. It is voiced by Chie Satō in both Japanese and English.

It battled alongside Tucker's Swampert and was up against Ash's Corphish and Swellow in a double battle. Swampert and Arcanine was a perfect combination, taking advantage of Arcanine's speed and Swampert's defense.

When it looked bad for Ash, Corphish and Swellow gained their fighting spirit and with the help of some strategy of Ash's, they were able to win the match. Arcanine was defeated by a devastating Crabhammer from Ash's Corphish.

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