Tsubaki (JBA)

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ツバキ Tsubaki
Tsubaki JBA.png
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Johto

Tsubaki (Japanese: ツバキ Tsubaki) is a character from Pocket Monsters HGSS Jou's Big Adventure who is Jou's rival.


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Tsubaki went to Professor Elm's lab to get a Pokémon and takes a Chikorita from him, thinking that it is strong. Later on, Tsubaki meets Jou and decides to test out Chikorita by battling Totodile. During the battle, Tsubaki becomes Jou's rival and gets a bit disappointed when Chikorita lost despite the type-advantage Chikorita had. Tsubaki promises that he will be better next time.

During the course of his Training, his Chikorita ends up evolving into a Bayleef and then into a Meganium. Tsubaki enters Team Rocket's hideout and has his Meganium Razor Leaf Golbat and Ekans. After beating the latter, he has a battle with Jou again with Meganium against Totodile. Totodile had trouble this time dealing with Tsubaki's Meganium as it was fully-evolved. However, Totodile took it out with a supereffective Ice Fang. This loss made Tsubaki realize what was going on with him and decides to team up with Jou to battle Team Rocket. Both Trainers manage to completely sweep them away. Archer, watching the whole thing, sends out his Houndoom. Jou deals with Houndoom while Tsubaki dealt with Koffing. With Houndoom and Koffing defeated, Team Rocket ends up disbanding.

Tsubaki was last seen near Professor Elm's office where he overhears him having a conversation on the phone about Jou's progress. Tsubaki, having full respect for Jou, walks off with his Meganium into the sunset.


In contrast to his rival, Jou, Tsubaki is more into Pokémon that are tough. This was evidenced during his first battle with Jou as a flashback tells the time he got Chikorita. Tsubaki gets disappointed if he loses. After taking on Team Rocket, Tsubaki realized what he did wrong and became friends with Jou, resulting in their teamwork in taking out the villainous team.


Tsubaki's Chikorita

Tsubaki's Meganium
Chikorita → Bayleef → Meganium
Tsubaki's Meganium first appeared as a Chikorita and is his only known Pokémon. He got Chikorita in Professor Elm's lab. It first appeared during a battle with Totodile in which it lost. Chikorita evolved into a Bayleef and then into a Meganium sometime before Jou met up with Tsubaki again in Team Rocket's hideout. Meganium was sent out to battle the grunts that reside there. It had a battle with Totodile once more in which the outcome was the same as last time. This battle made its Trainer respect Jou. As a result, both Meganium and Totodile teamed up to take on Team Rocket. Meganium was last seen with Tsubaki when he overheard a conversation that Professor Elm had on the phone.

Meganium's known moves are Tackle, Razor Leaf and Magical Leaf.

Debut Aim to be the Strongest! The Hot-Blooded Brotherly Combination!!