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Poké Ball
Tru Torterra.png
Debuts in Stagestruck Starly
Caught at Unknown
Evolves in Ring around the Roserade (I)
Stunning Staravia & Stinky Skuntank II
Gender Male
Ability Overgrow
Nature Relaxed
Current location With Diamond
Turtwig Grotle Torterra
This Pokémon spent 8 rounds as Turtwig and 14 rounds as Grotle.

Tru (Japanese: るー ), known as Wig in Chuang Yi's translations, is a Torterra owned by Diamond in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


As a Turtwig

Tru is first seen when Platinum lets him out of his Poké Ball, gives him a Pokédex for her bodyguards (who will arrive wearing red and green mufflers), and instructs him to give it to whichever one he likes. Matching the description, Tru chooses Diamond as its Trainer and gives him the Pokédex. Right after that, a flock of Starly appear and begin attacking the group, which results in the three starters fighting and defeating them after almost half an hour, much to Platinum's surprise (though she still mistakes the two for her bodyguards anyway). Though it didn't actually participate in any Gym battles or major fights except the one it lost against the Rayler, then a wild Luxio, it proved as a valuable training partner for Piplup due to its type advantage, and with the training it underwent, and the manzai comedy routine Diamond and Pearl gave to drop Platinum a hint, Piplup was able to win against Roark's Cranidos.

A while later, Platinum and the two boys then stumbled upon an apparition-like Rotom in the Old Chateau, where Diamond, Tru, and Lax managed to corner it. Afterwards, they meet a strange woman who, with her sharp senses, knew they stumbled across ghost Pokémon, humorously baffling when she discovers that they were in the deserted building (as she was too afraid to do so herself), and somewhat nudges them into challenging her the next day. So, when Tru and the other starters are training in Eterna City afterward for Platinum's Gym battle with Gardenia, Cynthia walks past them and notices that the three Pokémon are about to evolve, with Tru becoming a Grotle. As the "undiscovered" League Champion coaches Platinum for her next Gym battle, Tru's Trainer accidentally sneezes on it, and sends the newly-evolved Prinplup's water attack flying straight toward the Galactic Eterna Building, which the adept Trainer is able to trap into a psychic ball that contains the same technique and power to use later with her Spiritomb, something which she demonstrates with Tru's Razor Leaf. She really would have to put these moves to good use soon after they part, though, when a group of Galactic Grunts attack Rad Rickshaw and hold him hostage, and she frees him. Mistaking his savior for the trio due to the bits of rice all over the Razor Leaves at the time, he gives the three of them brand-new Bicycles to use, which the trio then have trouble coping with due to Platinum's inability to handle her bike.

As a Grotle
After Platinum wins the Badge and they leave Eterna City, Cyrus attacks the trio with a powerful Rock Slide for being "noisy" around the site of his Nosepass and Magneton's evolutions, and the Luxio they met before allows Diamond to spot his friends in the rubble after he was the only one not buried, so Tru Tackles the rocks away free them and make a path to the Sinnoh region's East side.

After a while of not seeing much action (as he wasn't used in the Gym battle with Maylene, Diamond and Pearl meet Paka and Uji, Platinum's real, deserted bodyguards, and while fighting an army of Galactic Grunts and gaining experience, evolves into a Torterra along with Chimler (now an Infernape) at Veilstone City. Once the two are irrevocably trapped in what seems to be the Distortion World with their last words being a request for the two to guard their hirer, Tru's fully evolved form is put to good use fighting in the Seven Stars Restaurant, and later in Valor Lakefront battling some Galactic-hired Scientists though it fails to win in the latter due to falling asleep. However, in what is seemingly his biggest moment of glory, Tru manages to defeat Crasher Wake's Quagsire with a Giga Drain when he was borrowed by Platinum as she failed to acquire any new Grass-type Pokémon. Again after going a while of not seeing many opportunities to battle, Diamond is taken to Iron Island to train with Riley to guard Mesprit, where it learned to overcome its weakness in speed after much training against wild Pokémon and thugs alike through firing a single Razor Leaf with speed amplified manyfold, while perfecting its accuracy so that it wouldn't miss. It then uses this move, which the boy names "Razor Leaf Dia Special Mach One and Only," to destroy a secret hovering camera set by the Galactics, from which Riley is able to sense an aura of evil, as the same grunt tricked Platinum's father into believing that his daughter had been kidnapped.

Moves used

Tru Giga Drain.png
Using Giga Drain
Move First Used In
Razor Leaf  Ring Around the Roserade (I)
Absorb Unknown
Tackle Passing by Probopass and
Maneuvering around Magnezone
Stealth Rock Stunning Staravia & Stinky Skuntank II
Earthquake Stunning Staravia & Stinky Skuntank II
Wood Hammer Bombastic Bibarel & Heroic Hippopotas
Giga Drain Floatzel and Jetsam
Withdraw Problematic Probopass and Mad Magnezone II
Crunch Lucky Lucario II
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Dia-Mach-One-and-Only Razor Leaf - In order to ensure maximum velocity, Diamond orders Tru to launch but a single leaf with manyfold the speed a normal Razor Leaf would be able to travel at. Because it reaches the target near-instantly, Diamond cannot finish the attack order before it hits.

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