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==Theme decks==
==Theme decks==
===English decks===
===English decks===
*Verdant Frost
*[[Verdant Frost (TCG)|Verdant Frost]]
*Royal Guard
*[[Royal Guard (TCG)|Royal Guard]]
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TCG expansions


Triumphant logo.png
Cards in set English: 102
Japanese: 80
Set number English: 46
Japanese: 45
Release date English: November 2nd, 2010
Japanese: July 8th, 2010
Theme Decks Verdant Frost (Grass Water)
Royal Guard (Psychic Fighting)
Reviving Legends
Clash at the Summit
Black & White Collection

HS - Triumphant (Japanese: 頂上大激突 Clash at the Summit) is the name given to the fourth expansion of cards of the HeartGold & SoulSilver era of the Trading Card Game.


  • Palkia & Dialga LEGEND and Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND are the only LEGEND cards in the English release of the expansion. Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND and Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND were also in the Japanese expansion, but they were released one set before, Undaunted for their English release. Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND originates from Lost Link.
  • The four Pokémon Prime from the Japanese release: Machamp, Celebi, Electrode, and Yanmega; are put together with the four from Lost Link: Magnezone, Gengar, Mew, and Absol; to make eight for the English release.
  • The sleeves for this set feature Celebi.
  • The booster pack designs feature Dialga, Palkia, Magmortar, and Electivire.
  • Pokémon.com has revealed the official number of cards is only 102 cards; this count does not include the Alph Lithograph. The fourteen remaining cards originated from the Lost Link mini-set and either involved the Lost Zone or, in the case of Mr. Mime, Tangela, Seviper and Riolu, had a related evolutionary stage or counterpart who had attacks involving the Lost Zone.

Pre-release information

Japanese release

  • April 13th 2010: A product ad reveals Palkia & Dialga LEGEND, Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND, and the four Pokémon Prime: Machamp, Celebi, Electrode, and Yanmega. It also lists that there will be a Supporter card that only works when the player have more Prize cards left than the opponent, an Energy returning a Knocked Out Pokémon to the player's hand, and an attack that increases the amount of the opponent’s Prize cards.
  • June 8th 2010: The English press release for Undaunted confirms the third LEGEND for Clash at the Summit to be Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND.
  • June 18th 2010: The official card database updates with images of Palkia & Dialga LEGEND, Celebi Prime, Machamp Prime, Machop, Machoke, Machamp, Ponyta, Rapidash, Aipom, and Karate King.
  • June 18th 2010: The Daisuke club website adds another advertisement confirming Aggron and Nidoking.
  • June 26th 2010: Yahoo Kids posts an English image of Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND, confirming its card text.
  • July 6th 2010: TOHO Auctions post the remainder of the card images.
  • July 8th 2010: The set is released.

English release

Theme decks

English decks


No. Card Name Type Rarity
1/102 Aggron Metal Rare Holo
2/102 Altaria Colorless Rare Holo
3/102 Celebi Psychic Rare Holo
4/102 Drapion Darkness Rare Holo
5/102 Mamoswine Water Rare Holo
6/102 Nidoking Fighting Rare Holo
7/102 Porygon-Z Colorless Rare Holo
8/102 Rapidash Fire Rare Holo
9/102 Solrock Fighting Rare Holo
10/102 Spiritomb Psychic Rare Holo
11/102 Venomoth Grass Rare Holo
12/102 Victreebel Grass Rare Holo
13/102 Ambipom Colorless Rare
14/102 Banette Psychic Rare
15/102 Bronzong Metal Rare
16/102 Carnivine Grass Rare
17/102 Ditto Colorless Rare
18/102 Dragonite Colorless Rare
19/102 Dugtrio Fighting Rare
20/102 Electivire Lightning Rare
21/102 Elekid Lightning Rare
22/102 Golduck Water Rare
23/102 Grumpig Psychic Rare
24/102 Kricketune Grass Rare
25/102 Lunatone Fighting Rare
26/102 Machamp Fighting Rare
27/102 Magmortar Fire Rare
28/102 Nidoqueen Psychic Rare
29/102 Pidgeot Colorless Rare
30/102 Sharpedo Darkness Rare
31/102 Wailord Water Rare
32/102 Dragonair Colorless Uncommon
33/102 Electabuzz Lightning Uncommon
34/102 Electrode Lightning Uncommon
35/102 Haunter Psychic Uncommon
36/102 Kangaskhan Colorless Uncommon
37/102 Lairon Metal Uncommon
38/102 Lickilicky Colorless Uncommon
39/102 Luvdisc Water Uncommon
40/102 Machoke Fighting Uncommon
41/102 Magby Fire Uncommon
42/102 Magmar Fire Uncommon
43/102 Magneton Lightning Uncommon
44/102 Marowak Fighting Uncommon
45/102 Nidorina Psychic Uncommon
46/102 Nidorino Psychic Uncommon
47/102 Pidgeotto Colorless Uncommon
48/102 Piloswine Water Uncommon
49/102 Porygon2 Colorless Uncommon
50/102 Tentacruel Water Uncommon
51/102 Unown Psychic Uncommon
52/102 Wailmer Water Uncommon
53/102 Weepinbell Grass Uncommon
54/102 Yanmega Grass Uncommon
55/102 Aipom Colorless Common
56/102 Aron Metal Common
57/102 Bellsprout Grass Common
58/102 Bronzor Metal Common
59/102 Carvanha Darkness Common
60/102 Cubone Fighting Common
61/102 Diglett Fighting Common
62/102 Dratini Colorless Common
63/102 Gastly Psychic Common
64/102 Illumise Grass Common
65/102 Kricketot Grass Common
66/102 Lickitung Colorless Common
67/102 Machop Fighting Common
68/102 Magnemite Lightning Common
69/102 Nidoran♀ Psychic Common
70/102 Nidoran♂ Psychic Common
71/102 Pidgey Colorless Common
72/102 Ponyta Fire Common
73/102 Porygon Colorless Common
74/102 Psyduck Water Common
75/102 Shuppet Psychic Common
76/102 Skorupi Psychic Common
77/102 Spoink Psychic Common
78/102 Swablu Colorless Common
79/102 Swinub Water Common
80/102 Tentacool Water Common
81/102 Venonat Grass Common
82/102 Volbeat Grass Common
83/102 Voltorb Lightning Common
84/102 Yanma Grass Common
85/102 Black Belt Su Uncommon
86/102 Indigo Plateau St Uncommon
87/102 Junk Arm T Uncommon
88/102 Seeker Su Uncommon
89/102 Twins Su Uncommon
90/102 Rescue Energy E Uncommon
91/102 Absol Darkness SuperRare Holo
92/102 Celebi Grass SuperRare Holo
93/102 Electrode Lightning SuperRare Holo
94/102 Gengar Psychic SuperRare Holo
95/102 Machamp Fighting SuperRare Holo
96/102 Magnezone Lightning SuperRare Holo
97/102 Mew Psychic SuperRare Holo
98/102 Yanmega Grass SuperRare Holo
99/102 Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND DarknessPsychic Rare Holo LEGEND
100/102 Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND DarknessPsychic Rare Holo LEGEND
101/102 Palkia & Dialga LEGEND WaterMetal Rare Holo LEGEND
102/102 Palkia & Dialga LEGEND WaterMetal Rare Holo LEGEND
FOUR Alph Lithograph T Rare Holo

Clash at the Summit

No. Card Name Type Rarity
001/080 Bellsprout Grass Common
002/080 Weepinbell Grass Uncommon
003/080 Victreebel Grass Rare Holo
004/080 Yanma Grass Common
005/080 Yanmega Grass Uncommon
006/080 Yanmega Grass SuperRare Holo
007/080 Celebi Grass SuperRare Holo
008/080 Kricketot Grass Common
009/080 Kricketune Grass Rare
010/080 Ponyta Fire Common
011/080 Rapidash Fire Rare Holo
012/080 Magby Fire Uncommon
013/080 Magmar Fire Uncommon
014/080 Magmortar Fire Rare
015/080 Psyduck Water Common
016/080 Golduck Water Rare
017/080 Tentacool Water Common
018/080 Tentacruel Water Uncommon
019/080 Swinub Water Common
020/080 Piloswine Water Uncommon
021/080 Mamoswine Water Rare Holo
022/080 Wailmer Water Common
023/080 Wailord Water Rare
024/080 Luvdisc Water Common
025/080 Voltorb Lightning Common
026/080 Electrode Lightning Uncommon
027/080 Electrode Lightning SuperRare Holo
028/080 Elekid Lightning Rare
029/080 Electabuzz Lightning Uncommon
030/080 Electivire Lightning Rare Holo
031/080 Nidoran♀ Psychic Common
032/080 Nidorina Psychic Uncommon
033/080 Nidoqueen Psychic Rare
034/080 Nidoran♂ Psychic Common
035/080 Nidorino Psychic Uncommon
036/080 Unown Psychic Uncommon
037/080 Celebi Psychic Rare Holo
038/080 Spoink Psychic Common
039/080 Grumpig Psychic Rare
040/080 Skorupi Psychic Common
041/080 Nidoking Fighting Rare Holo
042/080 Machop Fighting Common
043/080 Machoke Fighting Common
044/080 Machamp Fighting Uncommon
045/080 Machamp Fighting SuperRare Holo
046/080 Cubone Fighting Common
047/080 Marowak Fighting Uncommon
048/080 Lunatone Fighting Rare
049/080 Solrock Fighting Rare Holo
050/080 Carvanha Darkness Common
051/080 Sharpedo Darkness Rare
052/080 Drapion Darkness Rare Holo
053/080 Aron Metal Common
054/080 Lairon Metal Uncommon
055/080 Aggron Metal Rare Holo
056/080 Bronzor Metal Common
057/080 Bronzong Metal Rare
058/080 Pidgey Colorless Common
059/080 Pidgeotto Colorless Common
060/080 Pidgeot Colorless Uncommon
061/080 Lickitung Colorless Common
062/080 Lickilicky Colorless Uncommon
063/080 Kangaskhan Colorless Common
064/080 Ditto Colorless Rare
065/080 Porygon Colorless Common
066/080 Porygon2 Colorless Common
067/080 Porygon-Z Colorless Rare Holo
068/080 Aipom Colorless Common
069/080 Ambipom Colorless Rare
070/080 Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND WaterFighting Rare Holo LEGEND
071/080 Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND WaterFighting Rare Holo LEGEND
072/080 Palkia & Dialga LEGEND WaterMetal Rare Holo LEGEND
073/080 Palkia & Dialga LEGEND WaterMetal Rare Holo LEGEND
074/080 Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND ColorlessPsychic Rare Holo LEGEND
075/080 Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND ColorlessPsychic Rare Holo LEGEND
076/080 Junk Arm G Uncommon
077/080 Black Belt Su Uncommon
078/080 Twins Su Uncommon
079/080 Indigo Plateau St Uncommon
080/080 Rescue Energy E Uncommon
081/080 Alph Lithograph G Rare Holo

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