Trip's Serperior

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Trip's Serperior
シューティーのジャローダ Shooty's Jalorda
Poké Ball
Trip Serperior.png
Trip's Serperior
Debuts in In The Shadow of Zekrom!
Caught at Nuvema Town
Evolves in Prior to Triple Leaders, Team Threats!
Prior to BW090
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location With Trip
Snivy Servine Serperior
This Pokémon spent between 1 to 4 episodes as Snivy and between 21 to 59 episodes as Servine.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Snivy Shin'ichirō Miki Jason Griffith
As Servine Kiyotaka Furushima Jason Griffith
As Serperior Kiyotaka Furushima N/A

Trip's Serperior (Japanese: シューティーのジャローダ Shooty's Jalorda) is Trip's starter Pokémon.


As a Snivy

Serperior was first introduced as a Snivy in Professor Juniper's lab, where he was chosen by Trip as his starter Pokémon in In The Shadow of Zekrom!. Shortly after obtaining him, Trip challenged Ash to a Pokémon battle and used Snivy against Ash's Pikachu. As Pikachu was unable to use Electric attacks due to an encounter with Zekrom, Snivy was able to defeat him easily.

Prior to Triple Leaders, Team Threats!, Snivy was shown to have already evolved into a Servine, when Ash challenged Trip to another Pokémon battle in a Battle Club in A Rival Battle for Club Champ!. He quickly defeated Ash's Pikachu again with his Cut. During the battle with Ash's Snivy, he was revealed to be male when he became infatuated with her after being hit by her Attract. As Servine was unable to attack, he was quickly defeated by her.

It was revealed by Cilan that Servine defeated Chili's Pansear in Trip's battle for the Trio Badge.

Servine appeared again in Ash and Trip's Third Battle! in Trip's 3-on-3 battle with Ash. He once again battled with Ash's Snivy, this time, however, he effectively stopped Snivy's Attract with a Leaf Tornado and came out victorious with one powerful Cut attack.

As a Servine

In BW090, Servine was shown to have evolved into a Serperior and was used by Trip in the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup. In the first round, it went up against Burgundy's Darmanitan and managed to freeze it in place with a Leer. Then, it easily knocked it out with a powerful SolarBeam, giving Trip the win.

In BW091, Serperior battled Marufuji's Heatmor in the second round and won. In the same episode, Serperior battled Cilan's Crustle in the semifinals and defeated it with Frenzy Plant, giving Trip the win.

In BW092, Serperior battled Ash's Pignite in the finals and won, revealing it had learned another new move, Dragon Tail, in the process.

Personality and characteristics

Serperior was full of determination, and was brimming with energy when he was a Snivy as seen in In The Shadow of Zekrom! during the battle with Ash when he was confident enough to defeat Ash's Pikachu. He has retained this trait after evolving.Also, Serperior has had no trouble dealing with opponents who had the type-advantage. That will make him as a massive powerhouse with great speed, agile, and great power against opponents that has type-advantage against him.

Moves used

Trip Serperior Frenzy Plant 1.png
Using Frenzy Plant (Part 1)
Trip Serperior Dragon Tail.png
Using Dragon Tail
Move First Used In
Tackle In The Shadow of Zekrom!
Leaf Tornado In The Shadow of Zekrom!
Cut A Rival Battle for Club Champ!
Leer  BW090
SolarBeam  BW090
Frenzy Plant  BW091
Dragon Tail  BW092
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Trip and Serperior
  • Serperior is the first Starter Pokémon belonging to a rival seen being obtained from a regional Professor.
    • In addition, Serperior is currently the only starter belonging to a rival to appear in all stages of its evolutionary line.
  • Servine's evolution into Serperior was first revealed in the Japanese opening Be an Arrow!.

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On hand:
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520 Tranquill 
592 Frillish 
608 Lampent 
582 Vanillite 
534 Conkeldurr 

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