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シューティ Shooti
Art from the Best Wishes series
Gender Male
Hometown Kanoko Town
Region Isshu
Anime debut BW001
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor N/A

(Japanese: シューティ Shooti) is a male trainer from the Isshu region who will appear in the Best Wishes series of the Pokémon anime.


Shooti is a Pokémon photographer, in which he takes photos of Pokémon he has not seen. He will also collect Pokémon badges, followed by possibly challenging the Isshu Pokémon League.


Shooti's Tsutarja
Shooti's Tsutarja battles Ash's Pikachu in BW001. Its only known move is Gass Mixer.
Debut BW001
Voice actors
Japanese ???
English ???


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