Trevor's Charizard

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Trevor's Charizard
トロバのリザードン Trova's Lizardon
Poké Ball
Trevor Charizard.png
Trevor's Charizard
Trevor Mega Charizard Y.png
As a Mega Charizard Y
Debuts in Summer of Discovery!
Caught at Lumiose City
Evolves in Prior to A Legendary Photo Op!
Prior to XY125
Gender Unknown
Ability Drought*
Current location With Trevor
Charmander Charmeleon Charizard
This Pokémon spent at most 46 episodes as Charmander and at most 39 episodes as Charmeleon.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Charmander Kiyotaka Furushima Tom Wayland
As Charmeleon Kiyotaka Furushima Billy Bob Thompson
As Charizard Kiyotaka Furushima N/A

Trevor's Charizard (Japanese: トロバのリザードン Trova's Lizardon) is Trevor's first Pokémon.


As a Charmander
As a Charmeleon

Trevor received Charizard as a Charmander for his Starter Pokémon from Professor Sycamore prior to Summer of Discovery!.

Charmander made its proper debut in Summer of Discovery! where it ran downstairs and greeted Ash and his friends along with their Pokémon. Charmander had a First-Touch Battle with Clemont's Chespin. It won after accidentally catching Chespin's tail on fire.

In Day Three Blockbusters!, Charmander starred in a PokéVision video along with its Trainer, Tierno, Shauna, and their Pokémon.

In Battling Into the Hall of Fame!, it was sent out in a Triple Battle against Ash, Serena, and Clemont. It was the first Pokémon of Team Squirtle to get defeated.

Drought activated as a Mega Charizard Y

In A Legendary Photo Op!, it was revealed to have evolved into a Charmeleon. Trevor sent it to battle Ash's Fletchinder. Despite putting up a fight, it was defeated by Fletchinder's Steel Wing. Later, at Mt. Molteau, Trevor used Charmeleon in a Tag Battle alongside Ash's Fletchinder against James's Inkay and Jessie's Gourgeist. Their battle disrupted Moltres from its slumber in the volcano and the battle was interrupted. Charmeleon attempted to battle Moltres to calm it down but it didn't work out.

Charmeleon reappeared in Tag Team Battle Inspiration! alongside its Trainer, while he took a picture of a wild Lairon.

It reappeared in XY125, where it was used to battle Alain's Charizard in the first round of the Lumiose Conference. Trevor's Charizard opened with Fire Spin, which Alain's Charizard dodged by flying in the sky. Alain's Charizard then retaliated with Flamethrower, with Trevor's Charizard blocking the attack with Dragon Claw. Trevor then revealed his Key Stone and Mega Evolved his Charizard into Mega Charizard Y. Upon Mega Evolving Mega Charizard Y's Drought Ability activated, creating harsh sunlight, powering up all Fire-type moves. Trevor's Charizard then attacked with Heat Wave, but Alain's Charizard was able to block it, creating a water shield by slamming its tail into the near stream. Trevor's Charizard then flew up to attack with a Dragon Tail, but the attack was dodged by Alain's Charizard. Alain's Charizard then Mega Evolved as well and countered a Fire Spin with Flamethrower, creating a cloud of smoke. Trevor had his Charizard fly into the sky, but Alain's was able to spot it through the smoke and defeated it with a single hit from Flamethrower.

Personality and characteristics

As a Charmander, Charizard was an energetic, if not hyperactive, Pokémon, who loved to battle. It was often seen running around when not in battle.

Similar to Ash's Charmeleon, Trevor's Charmeleon was very aggressive to the point that it attacked its own Trainer at one point and even other Pokémon. However, during battles it gladly accepted Trevor's commands and was also shown to have retained traits it had when it was a Charmander, such as its love for battling others to test its strength.

Moves used

Trevor Charmander Flame Burst.png
Using Flame Burst
as a Charmander
Trevor Charmeleon Dragon Claw.png
Using Dragon Claw
as a Charmeleon
Move First Used In
Fire Fang Summer of Discovery!
Flame Charge Summer of Discovery!
Flamethrower Day Three Blockbusters!
Flame Burst Battling Into the Hall of Fame!
Fire Spin  A Legendary Photo Op!
Dragon Claw  A Legendary Photo Op!
Heat Wave  XY125
Dragon Tail  XY125
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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