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[[de:Traceys Bluzuk]]
[[de:Traceys Bluzuk]]
[[it:Venonat di Tracey]]
[[pl:Venonat Tracey'go]]
[[pl:Venonat Tracey'go]]

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Tracey's Venonat
ケンジのコンパン Kenji's Kongpang
Poké Ball
Tracey Venonat.png
Tracey's Venonat
Debuts in The Lost Lapras
Caught at Unknown
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Tracey
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Venonat Rikako Aikawa Rachael Lillis

Tracey's Venonat (Japanese: ケンジのコンパン Kenji's Kongpang) was one of the two Pokémon owned by Tracey Sketchit before he met Ash and the first seen in his possession.


Orange Islands

Venonat made its debut appearance in The Lost Lapras where it was used to help track down Team Rocket's truck after they stole an infant Lapras from a Pokémon Center. Using its special ability known as "radar eye", it was able to locate Team Rocket and Ash was able to rescue Lapras.

Tracey used Venonat again in The Crystal Onix where he attempted to use it to find an Onix made out of crystal. It was shown a glass sculpture of it that Mateo's grandfather made and ask to look for something similar. However it only found a pile of rocks but it was still convinced that it found what Tracey wanted.

Venonat's Radar Eye ability.

In Tracey Gets Bugged, Venonat was teamed up with Marill in order to find some Bug-types to watch on Murcott Island. Aside from Caterpie and Pinsir, they were able to find an injured and elderly Scyther. Tracey asked Venonat to assist in trying to help Scyther but it was initially intimidated by it. But its Trainer told it to stay strong and it was able to use Sleep Powder Mantis Pokémon which Tracey then captured.

While on Ascorbia Island, Tracey put to use Venonat's radar eye to help find Captain Aiden's Wartortle and Ash's Squirtle who were taken by Team Rocket in The Pokémon Water War. It was able to locate them and assisted by attacking them with Tackle.


Since Tracey's stay in Pallet Town, Venonat has rarely been seen but has made a minor appearance in Bulbasaur... The Ambassador!, its latest appearance to date.

Personality and characteristics

Not much is known about Venonat's personality. However, it has been shown to become excited if it thinks it has spotted what Tracey is looking for and responds by jumping up and down.

Venonat helps Tracey as a Pokémon watcher by using its eyes to scan the area and locate the Pokémon that Tracey is looking for. It can also use Sleep Powder to make it less likely for the Pokémon to run away. Tracey tends to use it more for Pokémon watching as opposed to battling which he favors Marill and Scyther more.

Moves used

Tracey Venonat Sleep Powder.png
Using Sleep Powder
Move First Used In
Sleep Powder Tracey Gets Bugged
Tackle The Pokémon Water War
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Venonat is the only Pokémon that Tracey currently has on hand that does not evolve into a Generation II Pokémon. It is also the only one that doesn't have a cross-generational evolutionary stage.

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