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The Town Channel is the channel that broadcasts the top 3 parts of the towns and cities in both Johto and Kanto. It is broadcasted by an unknown announcer. It switches every hour with the Street Corner Channel.

Town 3rd best 2nd best 1st best
New Bark Town Wind Weather vanes Professor Elm's laboratory
Cherrygrove City Roar of the waves Flower beds Guide Gent
Violet City The bridge Pokémon Center Sprout Tower
Azalea Town Farfetch'd's charcoal Slowpoke Well Kurt
Goldenrod City Dress-Up Guy Global Terminal Goldenrod Radio Tower
Olivine City Olivine Café S.S. Aqua Glitter Lighthouse
Ecruteak City Burned Tower Dance Theater Bellchime Trail
Cianwood City Cianwood Pharmacy Catching Krabby Guide Lady
Mahogany Town Fire lookout points RageCandyBars Strange souvenir shop
Blackthorn City Dragon's Den Ice Path Move Deleter and Tutor House
Pallet Town Red's house Blue's house Professor Oak's laboratory
Viridian City Streetlights Viridian Gym Trainer House
Pewter City Flower bed Traveling grandpa Pewter Museum of Science
Cerulean City Bike Shop Nugget Bridge Cerulean Cave
Lavender Town Name Rater Kanto Radio Tower House of Memories
Vermilion City Construction site Pier Gate Pokémon Fan Club
Celadon City Celadon Condominiums Eatathon Celadon Department Store
Fuchsia City Fuchsia Gym Pal Park Trio of Aipom
Cinnabar Island Volcano None None
Saffron City Mr. Psychic Fighting Dojo Silph Co.
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