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クロツグ Kurotsugu
Art from Diamond/Pearl
Gender Male
Hometown Twinleaf Town
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Barry (son), unnamed wife (games)
Barry (son) (anime)
Trainer class Tower Tycoon
(Frontier Brain)
Generation IV
Games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions s
Brain of Battle Tower
Commemorative print Tower Print
Anime debut Historical Mystery Tour!
English voice actor Carmen Borgia
Japanese voice actor Nobuyuki Hiyama

Tower Tycoon Palmer (Japanese: タワータイクーン クロツグ Tower Tycoon Kurotsugu) is the leader of the Battle Tower in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and the Frontier Brain of the same facility in Pokémon Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver.

In the games

He is Barry's father. Palmer is very similar to his son in look and character, as he's always in a rush. Just like the player and Barry did, he once went to a lake with the player's father, got his starter Pokémon there, and was attacked by wild Pokémon.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

On 21st consecutive battle

On 49th consecutive battle

Pokémon Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver

Silver Print challenge

Gold Print challenge

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File:SpritePalmer.png File:PalmerPlatinum.gif VSPalmer.png
Palmer's sprite from
Diamond and Pearl
Palmer's sprite from
Palmer's VS sprite from

Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

First battle

Before the battle:
"Hi! My name's Palmer. I remember you from when you were in Twinleaf, [name]. You were always playing with my son [name], right? You’ve grown up since then, and most impressively, too! So, I'd like you to show me. Show me the bond you’ve built with your Pokémon. Show me the skill you've acquired as a Trainer!"

  • After the battle:

"Losing to an outstanding Trainer like you... I can live with that."

"Bravo! One day, I imagine my son will come challenge me just as you have. That’s something I look forward to a great deal. You will become even more skilled the very same way your father did. Keep battling Trainers from around the world and keep growing greater in stature!"

Second battle

Before the battle:
"So, you've come this so far! As the Tower Tycoon, I'll have to give you my best effort. That's how the best Trainers show respect to each other. By Battling all out as dedicated students of Pokémon!"

After the battle:
"Losing to an outstanding Trainer like you... I can live with that."

"Bravo! I feel inspired in my heart! It brings back a memory of that day long ago... I went out to the lake with your father that day... We were attacked by a wild Pokémon. We fended it off, but I don't recall how. It was that desperate. That was my first step as a Trainer. I wonder if the professor is doing well? ...That's enough reminiscing. My young friend, the world and your future hold infinite promise. Go on, you can be all that you desire! There is no limit to where you can go!"

HeartGold and SoulSilver

First Battle

Before the battle:
"Hi! My name's Palmer. I heard a lot about you. You are [name] from New Bark Town, right? You are much younger than I though. So, I'd like you to show me. Show me the bond you’ve built with your Pokémon. Show me what you've learned through battles with Trainers!"

After the battle:
"I have no problem losing to a spectacular trainer like you!"

"Bravo! I imagine many great Trainers will come to challenge me as you have just done. That's something I look forward to a great deal. You will become even more skilled. Keep battling Trainers from around the world and keep growing greater in stature!"

Second Battle

In the anime

Palmer in the anime

Palmer has a cameo appearance at the beginning of Arceus and the Jewel of Life, in a battle against Cynthia. He made his debut appearance in Historical Mystery Tour! where he meets up with his son, Barry.

In Challenging a Towering Figure!, a tournament was held in order to see which Trainer was strong enough to battle him. Ash won the tournament and had his battle with Palmer. Even though Ash lost the battle, Palmer still gave him a trophy as recognition for winning the tournament.

Palmer later told Ash about the next gym being at Sunyshore City and hinted about the Gym Leader of Sunyshore Gym, Volkner.


This listing is of Palmer's known Pokémon in the anime:

Palmer's Rhyperior
After winning the Twinleaf Festival's annual tournament, Ash was given, as well as a trophy, the chance to battle Palmer in an exhibition match. The match was one-on-one and Palmer chose his powerhouse Rhyperior to battle. In response, Ash chose Grotle as he realized that Palmer would be ready to counter his normal strategy of using speed attacks and decided to focus on power instead.

Rhyperior proved to be a very tough opponent, being able to withstand Grotle's attacks due to its ability and giving the Grove Pokémon a very tough time. However the tables seemed to turn when Rhyperior forced Grotle to swallow an Energy Ball, giving it a major power boost. Using this Grotle was able to cause significant damage to Rhyperior, but Grotle was simply unable to stand up to the massive attack power of Rhyperior and was defeated.

Rhyperior's known attacks are Rock Polish, Sandstorm, Megahorn and Rock Wrecker and its ability is Solid Rock.

Debut Challenging a Towering Figure!
Palmer's Dragonite
Palmer's Dragonite has only made a brief appearance in the anime. In its scene it only appeared to help announce Palmer's arrival in Twinleaf Town when he arrived for the annual festival. Nothing is known about Dragonite's attacks.
Debut Challenging a Towering Figure!
Palmer's Milotic
Palmer's Milotic made a cameo appearance alongside its trainer during the opening of Arceus and the Jewel of Life where it was battling Cynthia's Garchomp.

Milotic's known attacks are Aqua Ring, Protect and Ice Beam.

Debut Arceus and the Jewel of Life

Voice actors

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Palmer is described as a very skilled Trainer who passed some of his abilities on to his son, Pearl. However, he left Twinleaf Town a few years before Pearl's journey began and even Pearl does not know Palmer's current location.

Palmer has recently appeared in the Platinum chapter where he, along with his son's friend Platinum, head off to the Distortion World.


This listing is of Palmer's Pokémon in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Palmer or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Name Type Level Rarity Set Set no.
Regigigas FB   50 Rare Holo Supreme Victors 9/147
Dragonite FB   50 Uncommon Supreme Victors 56/147
Palmer's Contribution Uncommon Supreme Victors 139/147


  • Palmer is the only Trainer to be animated in Platinum in his appearance at the end of the battle (his hair and coattails blow in the "wind").
  • Palmer's battle music in Diamond and Pearl is the same as Cynthia's battle theme. In Platinum, it changes to match the other four Frontier Brains.
    • Interestingly, he was battling Cynthia herself in his first anime appearance, in the cameo at the beginning of the twelfth movie.
  • Palmer's hair is vaguely similar to that of the final Sinnoh Gym Leader, Volkner.


Language Name Origin
Japanese クロツグ Kurotsugu A palm tree of the Arenga genus.
English, Italian Palmer Relates to the palm trees of his Japanese name.
French Koner From conifère, "conifer."
German Viktor German form of Victor.
Spanish Jericor From rigor, rigour, or possibly from the "Walls of Jericho".
Korean 종수 Jongsu

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