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[[fr:Tory Lund]]
[[pl:Tory Lund]]
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Tory Lund
トオイ・ロンド Tōi Rondo
Gender Male
Hometown LaRousse City
Region Hoenn
Relatives Professor Lund (Father)
Trainer class Trainer
Anime debut Destiny Deoxys
English voice actor Tara Jayne
Japanese voice actor Noriko Hidaka

Tory Lund (Japanese: トオイ・ロンド Tōi Rondo) is a character in the seventh Pokémon film, Destiny Deoxys. His Japanese voice actress is 日高のり子 Noriko Hidaka and his English voice actress is Tara Jayne.


Tory is a young boy who lives in LaRousse City, a futuristic city in Hoenn that relies completely on technology. He is also the son of the head scientist in LaRousse, Professor Lund.


Younger Tory

Four years prior to the main events of the film, Professor Lund took Tory with him on an investigative trip to the Arctic. When a meteorite carrying Deoxys crashed, the impact disrupted a pack of nesting Walrein and caused a stampede. Tory was surrounded by the Walrein and, as a result, became deeply traumatized and found himself terrified of Pokémon. Four years on, Tory's fear of Pokémon still lingered, despite the fact he loved them. However, he had befriended an odd cosmic entity that hid in his father's large laboratory. This would later be revealed to be a spiritual form of a second Deoxys, and the first's friend.

While in the city's Battle Tower, Tory ran into Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu. Frightened by the presence of Pikachu, Tory raced into an elevator, but Ash dove through the doors at the last second and tried to ask the stunned boy where the battle floor was, all while Tory backed in a corner. Tory managed to escape Ash, but ended up in a two-on-two tag-team battle alongside him, where they were up against teen-aged Trainers Rafe and Sid. When asked by Ash what Pokémon he would use, Tory confessed that he wasn't a Trainer and thereby he had no Pokémon. Ash, unwilling to forfeit the match, lent Tory his Torkoal, and Tory reluctantly complied. With that, the battle began. However, things didn't run incredibly smoothly - Pikachu and Torkoal were defeated easily, and Tory, so inexperienced that, as Max pointed out, he couldn't help Ash at all, was scared by Sid's Blastoise (which was performing a Rapid Spin attack), which reminded him of his encounter with the Walrein. After the battle, the defeated Ash and Tory met up with Tory's father and Yuko, who had been watching the entire battle. When the elder Lund expressed how proud he was, Tory sadly said "Don't be. It was all an accident! It wasn't even supposed to happen!". He then left the building.

Tory and Ash in the Battle Tower

Later that day, while Tory was wandering around the city, he encountered a Plusle and a Minun. The Minun had its head stuck in a bin. Tory helped free it but when the two Pokémon attempted to show their gratitude by hugging him, he freaked out and ran to his father's lab. Meanwhile, Ash and his friends, who had been told about Tory's fears by Yuko, hatched a plan to help Tory get over his fears. Ash and Pikachu spotted him just as he had finished freeing the Minun. They followed Tory to a greenhouse, where they found him talking to the energy form of the second Deoxys. When they asked Tory who it was he was talking to, he replied that it was "none of their business" and walked off, but was frightened by a flock of Wingull and fell over. When Ash tried to help him, Tory was again frightened by Pikachu and accidentally knocked Ash over as he scrambled to his feet. An angry Ash seized Tory by his shirt collar, but the timely arrival of May, Max, and Brock prevented a conflict between the two, and they invited Tory for lunch. There, they set their plans into motion. As groups of different Pokémon began to approach them, Ash and May attempted to coax Tory into petting Pikachu, but fears got the better of him and he departed. However, he did not leave without thanking Ash and the others, and apologizing to them for leaving as such.

Tory's passport

That night, Tory met Ash and his friends again, along with Rafe, Sid, Rebecca, Audrey, and Kathryn. He had brought with him a box of Pokémon cookies, and a fun night involving the children and all their Pokémon followed. The next day, the first Deoxys, which had been annihilated in a fight with Rayquaza four years earlier and had since regenerated, began searching for its missing companion. When Rayquaza approached LaRousse City in search of its enemy, the first Deoxys erected a force field around the city's main island, trapping Tory and the others inside while keeping Rayquaza out. The first Deoxys then carried on with its business towards recovering its friend. In the hours that followed, several of the heroes were captured, including the Minun. Tory tried to comfort the Plusle, but his fear got the better of him. Eventually, the truth about the Deoxys' was revealed, and everyone came up with a plan to help restore order to LaRousse. Teaming up with Ash, Pikachu, and the reunited Plusle and Minun, Tory assisted Yuko in reviving the second Deoxys, whom the heroes soon reunited with its friend.

Tory and Deoxys

Meanwhile, Rayquaza had finally blasted its way through the force field surrounding the city and attacked the two Deoxys. With the force field gone, the power in the city was restored, and the ensuing fight between the Deoxys duo and Rayquaza caused the city's Block Bots to malfunction catastrophically. Acting on instructions from Professor Lund, Tory, Ash, Pikachu, Plusle, and Minun, set to prevent the oncoming disaster. When Ash lost his passport, which he needed to stop the out-of-control robots, Tory threw him his own; Ash succeeded. As the security system finally shut down, Tory, Plusle, and Minun fount themselves suspended high on top the Battle Tower. Plusle and Minun began to fall, but Tory dove after them and grabbed them as all three of them plunged. Fortunately, the trio were saved by the second Deoxys, and Rayquaza, who had reconciled with the Deoxys, rescued Pikachu (who had previously fallen into the block bot swarm after sacrificing himself to help Ash), and then returned to the ozone layer.

Reunited with his father and friends, Tory overcame his fear of Pokémon, and as a result, Plusle and Minun became his new friends. He then said farewell to the two Deoxys as they returned to outer space. It is presumed Tory eventually becomes a Pokémon Trainer with Plusle and Minun as his starters.



Tory's Plusle and Minun
Plusle and Minun
When Tory first found Plusle and Minun, Minun had its head stuck in a trash can. Tory helped free it but when the two Pokémon attempted to show their gratitude by hugging him, he freaked out and ran to his father's lab. After the events of the movie, however, Tory got over his fear of them and befriended them. The two Pokémon were also featured with Tory in his TCG card, Tory's Feelings.
Debut Destiny Deoxys
Voice actors
Japanese Akiko Kawase (Plusle)
Kumiko Higa (Minun)
English Akiko Kawase (Plusle)
Kumiko Higa (Minun)
Tory's Deoxys
Main article: Deoxys (M07)

Tory befriended a Deoxys in the form of a green light, not realizing that it was in fact a Pokémon. After the events of the movie, Deoxys left back to space.

Debut Destiny Deoxys
Voice actors
Japanese Susumu Chiba (purple crystal Deoxys)
Kenji Nojima (green crystal Deoxys)
English Susumu Chiba (purple crystal Deoxys)
Kenji Nojima (green crystal Deoxys)


Ash's Torkoal
Main article: Ash's Torkoal

After accidentally entering into a Tag Battle with Ash against Rafe and Sid at the Battle Tower, Ash loans Tory his Torkoal as Tory does not have any Pokémon with him. However, due to Tory's fear of Pokémon, he does not issue any commands, and the battle was lost.

Debut Destiny Deoxys
Voice actors
Japanese Shin'ichirō Miki
English Maddie Blaustein


Sugimori Tory anime.png
Ken Sugimori's design of Tory

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 日高のり子 Noriko Hidaka
English Tara Jayne
Brazilian Portuguese Pedro Alcântara

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Tory in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Tory Lund
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Tory's Feelings Su       Movie Commemoration VS Pack: Space Fissure's Deoxys   017/019


Language Name Origin
Japanese トオイ・ロンド Tōi Rondo Possibly from "遠い", meaning distant.
English Tory Lund Similar to his Japanese name.
Korean 하늘 Haneul Means "sky".
Chinese 小超 Xiǎo Chāo

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