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A Top Ranger is a Pokémon Ranger with extraordinary skills. There are only twelve Top Rangers in the world, four of whom are based in Almia. Top Rangers are given the Fine Styler, an updated Capture Styler with a charge function. They have the ability to assign themselves missions and take on missions alone. They do not report to any Ranger Base, but report directly to Erma at the Ranger Union. There is a similar rank known as Top Operators, who help Top Rangers with their missions. Apparently, a Top Operator is often assigned to a Top Ranger. Known Top Operators are Rhythmi, Linda and Marcus.

Top Rangers

Unknown Top Rangers

  • Since there are eight unknown Top Rangers, fans speculate that they are Lunick/Solana (maybe both), Spenser, Joel, Cameron, Elita, and Aria.
  • It is also very likely that Ben and Summer are Top Rangers as they are shown at the beginning of Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, receiving their orders directly in the Ranger Union and not at any base. They also take on missions because they see someone is in trouble by themselves, which is another supporting fact to the theory. However, it may be possible that they were taking missions by themselves because there was only one Ranger permanently stationed in Oblivia. They also have different clothing than any of the original Rangers, possibly implying they have even more power.
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