Tomokazu Komiya

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Tomokazu Komiya (Japanese: こみやトモカズ) is an illustrator who has provided art for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, as well as several Pokémon Tales books. His illustration style is well known within the Pokémon community and he is often regarded as one of the worst artists because of his deformed and loosely colored images. This is intentional, as Komiya is a practitioner of Primitivism, an art movement that takes inspiration from themes or stylistic elements of prehistory, tribal cultures or children's art.



Title Date Publisher
Doduo: Really Dull! (Pokémon Tales #16) (no English release) 1997 Shogakukan
Oddish's Hide and Seek (Pokémon Tales #29) (no English release) 1998 Shogakukan
Beating: Sandshrew (Pokémon Tales #39) (no English release) 1998 Shogakukan
The Important Feeling 2000 Futami
Corsola's Brave New World (Pokémon Gold & Silver Tales #9) 2002 Shogakukan
Contact with the Sea 2005 Shinpusha

Work for the TCG

Komiya exaggerates the features of Pokémon in his art, particularly facial and bodily proportions, focusing on the eyes or length of the face. He often uses vibrant colors or unusual tones to create a stark contrast between the Pokémon and the background environment. He also varies his style to convey different feelings in his art, using soft blotches of color to emulate placidity, or using very deep areas of color and rapid brushstrokes to give a dominant feeling. For a list of cards he has illustrated, go here.