Tomoaki Imakuni

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Tomoaki Imakuni

Tomoaki Imakuni (Japanese: 今国智章 Imakuni Tomoaki), usually referred to as Imakuni? (イマクニ? Imakuni?), is an eccentric Japanese musician who performed some of the music for the Pokémon anime. He also was heavily involved in promoting the TCG and ended up being pictured or drawing art for several of the cards. He is also in the band Suzukisan. More recently, he played a small part in the designing of Pokémon Ranger and its sequel.

Imakuni? is also credited as the author of the Pokémon Tales picture book "Come Out, Squirtle!".

In Pokémon Card GB

Artwork from Pokémon Card GB
Imakuni? appears as a special hidden opponent in Template:Card GB. His event is activated by talking to people in the Water Club and then he will randomly begin to appear in the lounge sections of the various clubs. When he is in the room, unusual music will play. When the player talks to him, he will sing music from the Pokémon anime and then entice the player to dance, finally challenging the player to a card game. He uses the Imakuni? Deck.

When Imakuni? is defeated, he will reward the player with four booster packs, one from each expansion set. After being defeated three consecutive times, he will instead give the player the Imakuni Trainer card.

Imakuni? Deck

In Pokémon Card GB 2

In Template:Card GB 2 on the GR Island there is a Red Imakuni? who uses Strange Deck (きみょうなデッキ). He gives out Team Rocket's Ambition booster packs when defeated.

In the TCG

Tomoaki Imakuni is a card illustrator. Imakuni? has the following cards that relate to him. They are usually joke or prank cards not meant to actually be used in serious play:

In the Pokémon Get da ze! manga

Imakuni? in Pokémon Get da ze!

In the Pokémon Get da ze! manga, Imakuni? appears as an art student attending Celadon University in Challenge at Celadon University!.

Imakuni in the manga

In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga

Imakuni? makes two cameo appearances in the fourth volume of Pokémon Pocket Monsters.

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