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If you were looking for the character from Gonna Rule The School!, see Tommy (AG015).
For Timmy's dad, see Tommy Grimm.

Tommy from the anime

Tommy (Japanese: ヒロミ Hiromi) is a character of the day who appeared in Abandon Ship!. He lived on the Abandoned Ship after searching for Marshtomp when he lost its Poké Ball there many years ago.

Tommy in his youth

When Tommy was a young kid, he trained his Swampert, who was a Mudkip at the time, shooting empty soda cans. All that training caused it to evolve into Marshtomp. Tommy trained Marshtomp to use Iron Tail. After many failed attempts, Marshtomp finally perfected Iron Tail as Marshtomp was able to smash a rock. Later, Tommy and Marshtomp went on a ship and crashed. During the crash, he got separated from Marshtomp during the rescue.

When Tommy grew up, he returned to the Abandoned Ship to reclaim his missing Marshtomp. He met Ash and his friends on board as the boat the group rode on was out of fuel. He ate some snacks and drinks with the group as they waited until Tommy was able to explore most of the ship. After Torchic mysteriously disappeared, Tommy and the group split up to find it. With May and Max taken by Swampert, Ash, Brock, and Tommy remain. As Swampert was about to take Pikachu next, he alerted Ash, Brock, and Tommy by shocking Swampert and it revealed itself from the water.

Tommy realized the Swampert as the Marshtomp he lost. However, Swampert fled as the group went chasing after it until it led them to where Max, May, and the others who were tied up by Spinarak's String Shot. As Ash was about to battle Swampert with Pikachu, Tommy stopped him since he is sure that Swampert was the Marshtomp from before. At first, Swampert kept attacking Tommy with Mud Shot as he tried reasoning with it but after telling it about the time they had fun together long ago, Swampert finally remembered Tommy and both of them hugged each other. With Swampert found, Team Rocket attempt to steal it from Swampert easily defeats them with Hydro Pump. Afterwards, Tommy took the group to Slateport City on his boat.


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Tommy's Marshtomp

Tommy's Swampert
Mudkip → Marshtomp → Swampert
Tommy obtained this Swampert as a Mudkip when he was young. Mudkip started to evolve into a Marshtomp. Afterwards, Tommy loses the Poké Ball containing Marshtomp on the Abandoned Ship.

Many years later, he is looking for his lost Pokémon. Ash and friends help but only Ash, Brock and Tommy remain as both May and Max get captured and tied up by Spinarak's String Shot. When the shadowed creature was about to capture the remaining three, Pikachu's Thunderbolt stops it and reveals itself to be a Swampert, the Pokémon that Tommy lost many years ago. It turns out that Marshtomp had evolved into a Swampert while it was still a lost Pokémon.

They follow it to the room where it caught some people and tied them up. Swampert spots them and Ash sends out his Corphish. Swampert manages to defeat Corphish in one hit. Before Pikachu gets in there, Tommy tries to reason with it that it was the Marshtomp that he lost. After convincing it, it realizes that Tommy is the rightful owner. Team Rocket interfere and try to steal it but it knocks out Jessie's Seviper the same way that Ash's Corphish did in the beginning. Team Rocket is sent blasting off afterwards. With the Swampert reunited, both of them take Ash and his friends to Slateport City.

Swampert's known moves are Hydro Pump, Water Gun, Iron Tail and Mud Shot.

Debut Abandon Ship

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 神谷浩史 Hiroshi Kamiya
佐藤智恵 Chie Satō (as a child)
English Jonathan Todd Ross
European Spanish Álex Saudinós
Cristina Yuste (as a child)

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