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Tommy (Japanese: ヒロミ Hiromi) is a character of the day who appeared in Abandon Ship.

He lives on the Abandoned Ship, searching for his Marshtomp after he accidentally dropped its Poké Ball there many years ago. As it turned out, it evolved into a Swampert which attacked any intruders on the ship.

When the Swampert realized that Tommy was its rightful owner, it rejoined him and both Trainer and Pokémon were a team once again.

Tommy helped Ash and friends to get to Slateport City with his boat.


Tommy Swampert.png
Mudkip → Marshtomp → Swampert
Tommy in his youth

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 神谷浩史 Hiroshi Kamiya
佐藤智恵 Chie Satō (as a child)
English Jonathan Todd Ross
European Spanish Álex Saudinós
Cristina Yuste (as a child)

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