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|ja=大谷育江 ''[[Ikue Ohtani]]''
|ja=大谷育江 ''[[Ikue Ohtani]]''
|en=[[Bella Hudson]]
|en=[[Bella Hudson]]
|no=Christian Barmen
|pt_br=Francisco Freitas
|pt_br=Francisco Freitas
|es_eu=Marisa Marco}}
|es_eu=Marisa Marco}}

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Reason: Magby's voice actor.

If you were looking for the character from Abandon Ship!, see Tommy (AG032).

Tommy (Japanese: タクト Takuto) is a student of the Pokémon Trainer's School in Rustboro City.

He is famous for being arrogant and for his impressive knowledge about Pokémon, so when Max was visiting the school in Gonna Rule The School!, Tommy became jealous.

He battled Max during a training class the next day in a one-on-one Pokémon battle. Using Magby against Max's Poliwag (though both Pokémon actually belonged to the school), he attempted to defeat Max in order to save face. However, as is usually the case, Team Rocket interrupted in order to make off with all the Pokémon they could. Together, the whole class was able to defeat the villains and send them blasting off again, making Roxanne proud.



Pokémon Trainer's School's Magby
Magby was first seen on a field trip with Roxanne's beginner class, and then again when the class was trying to get used to Pokémon. It was later seen again in its battle with Max's Poliwag. During the battle Max kept raising Poliwag's defense but didn't bother to go offensive leaving Tommy almost victorious if the battle wasn't interrupted by Team Rocket. During Team Rocket's attempt to capture the Pokémon from the school Tommy and Magby snuck away and heated up the Wurmple shaped mecha with Flamethrower.

Magby's only known move is Flamethrower.

Debut Gonna Rule The School!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 大谷育江 Ikue Ohtani
English Bella Hudson
Norwegian Christian Barmen
Brazilian Portuguese Francisco Freitas
European Spanish Marisa Marco

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