Tommy's parents

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Tommy's parents

Tommy's parents (Japanese: ママ Mama and パパ Papa), are a pair of characters of the day who appeared with their son in The Kangaskhan Kid. They are shown to be a very wealthy family. One day, when the family was flying over the Safari Zone, Tommy's father held Tommy outside the window and accidentally dropped him.

Years later, Tommy's parents brought a photo of Tommy to Officer Jenny, who recognized the boy as "Tomo" - a feral boy living with a herd of Kangaskhan in the Kanto Safari Zone. When Tommy was introduced to his parents, he initially did not recognize them and did not believe that they were really his parents. However, after his father whacked him in the head, Tommy's memories of them were restored. Tommy's father then asks if he remembers him (In the Japanese version, he asks if Tommy remembers his being breastfed, explaining why he was opening his shirt to expose his chest) before Misty knocks him unconscious due to feeling that Tommy's had enough problems as is. Tommy's parents try to convince him to leave the Kangaskhan, but instead, they decide to live together with Tommy and the Kangaskhan.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Mother: 小林幸子 Sachiko Kobayashi
Father: 田口昂 Takashi Taguchi
English Mother: Tara Jayne
Father: Ted Lewis
Spanish Latin America Mother: Jacqueline Castañeda
Father: Álvaro Tarcicio
Spain Mother: Marisa Marco
Father: José Padilla

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