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(Japanese: トクゾー Tokuzō) is a character of the day who appeared in The Light of Floccesy Ranch!. He is Ellie's grandfather and was referred to as such in the dub. Tokuzō works at Floccesy Ranch, helping Ellie.

During the episode he appeared a few times. First he appeared when he met with Ash and his friends. He allowed them to stay over since they were Trainers. When the Mareep of the farm went missing due to Team Rocket's machine, he did not trust Ampharos being a good guard Pokémon anymore. However, he changed his mind once Ampharos mastered ThunderPunch. At the end of the episode he then appeared with Ellie, saying goodbye to Ash and the others.


Helped raise

Tokuzō's Mareep
Mareep (×10)
Tokuzō helps Ellie in raising the Mareep.

Mareep's only known move is ThunderShock.

Debut The Light of Floccesy Ranch
Voice actors
Japanese Satowa Tanaka
Miki Hase
Marie Mizuno
Asami Yano
English Satowa Tanaka
Miki Hase
Marie Mizuno
Asami Yano

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 石原凡 Bon Ishihara

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