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トキオ Tokio
Tokio Horizon.png
Age 16
Gender Male
Eye color Purple
Hair color Purple
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola
Relatives Mejiya (father)
Trainer class Trainer
Manga counterpart(s) Lillie, Gladion

Tokio (Japanese: トキオ Tokio) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Horizon. His goal is to take over the world after being left alone in the darkness.


Type: Null
Type: Null is Tokio's first known Pokémon.
Debut Traveling Trainer Tokio


Language Name Origin
Japanese トキオ Tokio From 時雄 tokio, man of time
English, Spanish Tokio Same as his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 時雄 Sìhhùhng From the Japanese name 時雄 Tokio

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