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0554Darumaka.png The subject of this article has no official English name.
The name currently in use is a fan romanization of the Japanese name.
トガリ Togari
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unova
Trainer class Team Plasma Grunt

Togari (Japanese: トガリ Togari) is a member of Team Plasma in Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder.


Togari appears to be a rival towards Shin, often battling him and becoming a recurring foe that he encounters. Togari would change around strategies in each battle in order for them to get tougher. However, Shin has gotten through his strategies every time. Unlike most other grunts, he has a horn on his forehead.


Togari first appears in Justice Trainer Shin Appears! where he steals a girl's Cottonee and Shin arrives to stop him from doing so. They have a battle with Shin becoming the winner.

Afterwards, he has two grunts take N's Purrloin. When Tepig tackled one of the grunts, he tossed Purrloin over to the other one and then to Togari. Togari runs off with Purrloin, with N and Shin in pursuit.

N and Shin finds him in a rocky plateau where Togari has his rematch with Shin. Despite using some new and improved strategies, he still lost to Shin and N retrieved Purrloin in the process.

Togari is next seen in the Dragonspiral Tower in The King's Identity...!! where he battles Shin in order for N, their king, to awaken Zekrom. After defeat, he is seen leaving the Dragonspiral Tower with Seismitoad carrying him.


Togari's Sandile
Sandile is Togari's first revealed Pokémon. Togari sent it out to battle Shin's Tepig when he held the girl's Cottonee hostage. Sandile was not able to keep up with Tepig's speed and was knocked back to its Trainer.

Sandile's only known move is Bite.

Debut Justice Trainer Shin Appears!
Togari's Krokorok
Krokorok is Togari's second revealed Pokémon. Togari sent it out along with Watchog to battle Shin's Tepig. Krokorok managed to blind Tepig by using Sand-Attack which gave Watchog a chance to attack. After a long hard-fought battle, Krokorok was beaten by Tepig's Flame Charge and was knocked back to its Trainer, which sent them flying.

Krokorok's only known move is Sand-Attack.

Debut Justice Trainer Shin Appears!
Togari's Watchog
Watchog is Togari's third revealed Pokémon. Togari sent it out along with Krokorok to battle Shin's Tepig. After Krokorok's use of Sand-Attack took effect, Watchog came out of the sand and attacked Tepig. After a long hard-fought battle, Watchog was defeated by Tepig's Flame Charge which knocked it back to its Trainer, sending them both flying.

None of Watchog's moves are known and its Ability is Keen Eye.

Debut Justice Trainer Shin Appears!
Togari's Seismitoad
Seismitoad is Togari's fourth revealed Pokémon. Togari sent it out along to battle Shin's Pignite when they were in Dragonspiral Tower. Unlike the previous opponents, Pignite's attacks were rendered useless on Seismitoad. Seismitoad responded with a Mud Shot that trapped Pignite in the mud. It shot another one at its Trainer with the same result. This made Pignite evolve into Emboar and free itself and Shin from the mud and defeats Seismitoad with Heat Crash.

Seismitoad's only known move is Mud Shot.

Debut The King's Identity...!!

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Language Name Origin
Thai โทงาริ Togari Transliteration of his Japanese name

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