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Some competitive fans divide Pokémon into six different tiers based on competitive ability. This is a list of those six tiers, and the Pokémon assumed to be in those tiers.


Ubers are considered by some to be too strong for standard play and thus have their own tier. Their use is restricted solely to Uber designated battles.


OU monsters are commonly found and considered by some to be the strongest in regular play.


BL monsters are considered by some to be too strong for MU and may be found in some OU battles. They are classified as BL because they simply do not have the capacity to compete in solid OU consistently.


MU monsters fell from BL and moved up from UU. It is a class of misplaced monsters. They are not recommended by some to be for use outside of their tier.


The UU tier designates monsters whose use is limited as they are not strong enough for general MU, or above, competition. UU monsters are recommended by some solely for UU type battles.


The NU tier is for monsters that have problems competing even in UU. They are recommended by some only for use only designated NU battles.


All Pokémon that are not listed here are virtually never used in competitive play because they have an evolved form and evolutions are stronger than preevolutions.