Tiana Camacho

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Tiana Camacho

Tiana Camacho is a voice actress for the English dub of the Pokémon anime.


Camacho is an American voice actress, born and raised in Brooklyn (Coney Island), New York. She joined the anime during Pokémon Journeys: The Series, voicing Galar Gym Leader Bea.

Pokémon roles



Video games

Pokémon Masters EX

Other non-Pokémon roles

  • White Blood Cell (Neutrophil) (1212) (Cells at Work! CODE BLACK)
  • Christina (Great Pretender)
  • Sheama (Shironeko Project ZERO CHRONICLE)
  • Steph (Ancient Frontier)
  • Firebird, Claire Temple (Avengers Academy)
  • Qi'Tara (Awesomenauts)
  • Female Berserker (Ballistic Overkill)
  • Jorgen (Beefcake Boys)
  • Unavowed (Galene, Sammy, Janey)

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