Thunder Meadow (Friend Area)

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Thunder Meadow

Thunder Meadow is a Friend Area. It is in the Plains Area, and has a capacity of eleven Pokémon, most of them Template:Type2. It can be bought from Wigglytuff for 1000 Poké.


Pokémon Location
161 Sentret Sinister Woods 3F-6F
162 Furret Evolve Sentret
179 Mareep Lightning Field 1F-5F
180 Flaaffy Evolve Mareep
Lightning Field 7F-13F
181 Ampharos Evolve Flaaffy
309 Electrike Mt. Thunder 1F-4F
Lightning Field 1F-6F
Wish Cave B26F-B33F
Oddity Cave B1F-B4F
310 Manectric Evolve Electrike
311 Plusle Thunderwave Cave B4F-B5F (Red)
Lightning Field 7F-19F (Red)
Joyous Tower 5F-8F (Red)
312 Minun Thunderwave Cave B4F-B5F (Blue)
Lightning Field 7F-19F (Blue)
Joyous Tower 5F-8F (Blue)
351 Castform Mt. Faraway 20F-29F
358 Chimecho Mt. Freeze 7F-12F
Solar Cave 12F-17F


Thunder Meadow has a rough landscape, consisting of rough grass, with what seems to be a dead tree near the entrance. There is also a small fissure at the end of the cliff.

In-game data

A meadow covered in thunderclouds. Besides Template:Type2 Pokémon, a startling variety of other Pokémon live here.


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