Three Isle Path

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Three Isle Path 3のしま よこあな
Island 3 Tunnel
Three Isle Path Complete.png
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Three Isle Port
Three Isle Path
Three Isle Port
Sevii Islands Route 0
Location of Three Isle Path in Sevii Islands.
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Three Isle Port       Resort Gorgeous

Three Isle Path (Japanese: 3のしま よこあな Island 3 Tunnel) is a small underground passage located in the Sevii Islands archipelago. At first, it is incomplete, but after the player has defeated the Elite Four, he or she can go back here and obtain a Nugget from the man that was previously digging for gold. The path will also reveal a second opening to an isolated patch of grass where Trainers can catch wild Dunsparce.


The path before it is completed.

Three Isle Path is located on the eastern side of the Three Isle Port. A cave at first, it is later revealed to be a passageway leading to a secret section of the port. The cave itself is known for its gold supply, which has attracted one particular Three Island resident.

Before defeating the Elite Four, Three Isle Path is empty and there will be only one man trying to dig through the dirt to find gold. On the first encounter, there is a Nugget hidden on the ground. By the time the the player has defeated the Elite Four, this man has dug through the cave in search of gold, opening up a secret area of Three Isle Port. A second Nugget will be given by the miner.

This additional area cannot be accessed, however, without the National Pokédex. With it, the player can reach what seems to be a secluded rock cliff with a small patch of tall grass. This isolated piece of land is home to a rare Johto-based Pokémon: Dunsparce.


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  • There are no Pokémon in this area.

In other languages

  • Italian: Via Terzisola
  • Spanish: Vía Isla Tera
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