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====Plasma series====
====Plasma series====
* {{TCG|Red Genesect Collection}} {{ene|Grass}} {{ene|Psychic}}
=====[[File:SetSymbolPlasma Storm.png|19px]] {{TCG|Plasma Storm}}=====
=====[[File:SetSymbolPlasma Storm.png|19px]] {{TCG|Plasma Storm}}=====
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* {{TCG|Mind Wipe}} {{ene|Grass}} {{ene|Psychic}}
* {{TCG|Mind Wipe}} {{ene|Grass}} {{ene|Psychic}}
* {{TCG|Solar Strike}} {{ene|Fire}} {{ene|Water}}
* {{TCG|Solar Strike}} {{ene|Fire}} {{ene|Water}}
==Japanese Theme Decks and Deck Kits==
==Japanese Theme Decks and Deck Kits==

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Specifically, it needs the Japanese Theme deck section to include other theme decks in the VS. era and the Diamond & Pearl Era onwards.

A Theme Deck, previously known as a Preconstructed Theme Deck, is a playing deck of Pokémon Trading Card Game cards sold pre-packaged alongside mainstream card sets. Most Theme Decks are designed with a specific strategy (such as Special Conditions) or theme (such as starter Pokémon) in mind.

Theme decks are mostly seen only alongside English-language releases and are seldom released in Japan, released only alongside debut sets such as Base Set and Neo 1, as well as alongside the original Gym sets. The vast majority of Japanese decks released are half decks and are released alongside almost all sets.

For English-language set releases, most expansions are assigned two theme decks affiliated with the set, with the next most common number being four theme decks for releases such as Base Set, Base Set 2 and the two Gym sets. Only five sets have included three theme decks so far (EX Crystal Guardians, Diamond & Pearl, Great Encounters, HeartGold & SoulSilver and Black & White) and the only mainstream set to include no theme decks is Neo Revelation. In addition, there are exclusive theme decks for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.


English/Global Theme Decks

First generation

Classical series

Base Set
SetSymbolJungle.png Jungle
SetSymbolFossil.png Fossil
SetSymbolBase Set 2.png Base Set 2
SetSymbolTeam Rocket.png Team Rocket

Gym series

SetSymbolGym Heroes.png Gym Heroes
SetSymbolGym Challenge.png Gym Challenge

Second generation

Neo series

SetSymbolNeo Genesis.png Neo Genesis
SetSymbolNeo Discovery.png Neo Discovery
SetSymbolNeo Destiny.png Neo Destiny

E-card series

SetSymbolLegendary Collection.png Legendary Collection
SetSymbolExpedition.png Expedition Base Set
SetSymbolAquapolis.png Aquapolis
SetSymbolSkyridge.png Skyridge

Third generation

EX series

SetSymbolRuby and Sapphire.png EX Ruby & Sapphire
SetSymbolSandstorm.png EX Sandstorm
SetSymbolDragon.png EX Dragon
SetSymbolTeam Magma vs Team Aqua.png EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua
SetSymbolHidden Legends.png EX Hidden Legends
SetSymbolFireRed and LeafGreen.png EX FireRed & LeafGreen
SetSymbolTeam Rocket Returns.png EX Team Rocket Returns
SetSymbolDeoxys.png EX Deoxys
SetSymbolEmerald.png EX Emerald
SetSymbolUnseen Forces.png EX Unseen Forces
SetSymbolDelta Species.png EX Delta Species
SetSymbolLegend Maker.png EX Legend Maker
SetSymbolHolon Phantoms.png EX Holon Phantoms
SetSymbolCrystal Guardians.png EX Crystal Guardians
SetSymbolDragon Frontiers.png EX Dragon Frontiers
SetSymbolPower Keepers.png EX Power Keepers

Fourth generation

Diamond & Pearl series

SetSymbolDiamond and Pearl.png Diamond & Pearl
SetSymbolMysterious Treasures.png Mysterious Treasures
SetSymbolSecret Wonders.png Secret Wonders
SetSymbolGreat Encounters.png Great Encounters
SetSymbolMajestic Dawn.png Majestic Dawn
SetSymbolLegends Awakened.png Legends Awakened
SetSymbolStormfront.png Stormfront
SetSymbolPlatinum.png Platinum
SetSymbolRising Rivals.png Rising Rivals
SetSymbolSupreme Victors.png Supreme Victors

Platinum series

SetSymbolArceus.png Arceus

HeartGold & SoulSilver series

SetSymbolHeartGold and SoulSilver.png HeartGold & SoulSilver
SetSymbolUnleashed.png Unleashed
SetSymbolUndaunted.png Undaunted
SetSymbolTriumphant.png Triumphant

Call of Legends series

SetSymbolCall of Legends.png Call of Legends

Fifth generation

Black & White series

SetSymbolBlack and White.png Black & White
SetSymbolEmerging Powers.png Emerging Powers
SetSymbolNoble Victories.png Noble Victories
SetSymbolNext Destinies.png Next Destinies
SetSymbolDark Explorers.png Dark Explorers
SetSymbolDragons Exalted.png Dragons Exalted
SetSymbolBoundaries Crossed.png Boundaries Crossed

Plasma series

SetSymbolPlasma Storm.png Plasma Storm
SetSymbolPlasma Freeze.png Plasma Freeze
SetSymbolPlasma Blast.png Plasma Blast

Japanese Theme Decks and Deck Kits

First generation

Original era

SetSymbolGym Booster.png Gym Booster 1: Leaders' Stadium
SetSymbolGym Booster.png Gym Booster 2: Challenge from the Darkness
SetSymbolVending.png Quick Starter Gift Set
  • Red Deck Water Lightning Psychic Fighting Colorless
  • Green Deck Grass Fire Psychic Fighting Colorless
Intro Pack

Second generation

Neo era

Neo Introduction Set

VS era

SetSymbolVS.png Pokémon VS

e-Card era

SetSymbolVS.png Pokémon VS

Third generation

ADV era

SetSymbolRuby and Sapphire.png Expansion Pack
SetSymbolDragon.png Rulers of the Heavens
SetSymbolVS.png Pokémon VS
SetSymbolTeam Magma vs Team Aqua.png Magma VS Aqua: Two Ambitions
SetSymbolHidden Legends.png Undone Seal

PCG era

SetSymbolDeoxys.png Clash of the Blue Sky
SetSymbolVS.png Pokémon VS
SetSymbolDragon Frontiers.png Offense and Defense of the Furthest Ends

Fourth generation

DP era

SetSymbolSpace-Time Creation.png Space-Time Creation

DPt era

SetSymbolAdvent of Arceus.png Advent of Arceus

Japanese Starter Decks

Original era

Booster Pack
SetSymbolNeo Genesis.png Gold, Silver, to a New World…

e-Card era

SetSymbolBase Expansion Pack.png e-Card 1

PCG era

SetSymbolFlight of Legends.png Flight of Legends

DP era

SetSymbolSpace-Time Creation.png Space-Time Creation

Special Theme Decks

EX Decks

EX Master Trainer Decks

EX Epic Collection

Online Exclusive Decks

Color Decks

Other Decks

World Championships Decks

2004 World Championships

2005 World Championships

2006 World Championships

2007 World Championships

2008 World Championships

2009 World Championships

2010 World Championships

2011 World Championships

2012 World Championships

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