The Uncut Story of Mewtwo's Origin

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The Uncut Story Of Mewtwo's Origin
Movie 1 Deleted Scene 4.png

First broadcast
Japan June 23, 2000
United States December 4, 2001
English themes
Opening None
Japanese themes
Opening None
Ending None
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The Uncut Story Of Mewtwo's Origin is an anime short released as a special on the Mewtwo Returns DVD, which was released on August 17, 2001 in Australia and on December 4, 2001 in the United States. It is a prequel to Mewtwo Strikes Back and is based on the radio drama The Birth of Mewtwo. These scenes were added to the start of Mewtwo Strikes Back for Japanese home video releases, being first released on June 23, 2000.


Dr. Fuji speaks of being sent out by Giovanni to look for Mew, supposedly the strongest Pokémon known to mankind. However, he also said that with the research funds, he wants to try recreating his daughter Amber, while Giovanni simply wants control of said most powerful Pokémon known to mankind. They start to bring back what they believe is a Mew Fossil and hopefully, will be enough to create a new super Pokémon. They begin research and start to create the DNA for a new Pokémon.

Mewtwo and Ambertwo begin to speak with each other through telepathy. Mewtwo asks her what are those sounds being made, to which Ambertwo simply replies, they are speaking. Mewtwo wonders what she is and she says that she is a girl. Mewtwo ponders if he is a Pokémon or a human and Ambertwo says it should never matter which one you are. The researchers figure out that the clones are speaking to each other. Fuji simply looks at the tubes in joy but anger. Ambertwo explains they call her Ambertwo but she is still Amber inside. Fuji hopes that his daughter will be able to live once more. His wife whines that he shouldn't try to bring their daughter back to life. She breaks up with him, explaining she can't stand to see him try this fruitless efforts and she leaves.

Fuji and a researcher talk about Giovanni happily for having the strongest Pokémon of all soon while Fuji hopes to have new knowledge of how to bring his daughter back to life. Ambertwo shows Mewtwo and the rest of the clones: Charmandertwo, Squirtletwo and Bulbasaurtwo (clones of Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur respectively), a memory where she used to live and shows him elements of life, wind, sun, rain and times of the day. Mewtwo asks Ambertwo if the Moon is the Sun and is told the moon is there to keep people from being afraid of the dark. The clones slowly fade away and so does Ambertwo. "It feels like it's time to say goodbye.." which leaves Mewtwo feeling very sad and alone. He fears being alone and Ambertwo told him that it will be alright and thanks for caring for her. She tells him being happy is alive. Mewtwo's uncontrollable sadness starts to affect the lab and they try to stabilize its powers and they almost fail. Dr. Fuji is happy Mewtwo survived but outraged that his daughter is gone forever.

Mewtwo says sleeping feels like forever and says life is wonderful and begins to ponder why it exists. It awakens to the real world and sees the lab while constantly asking "Who am I?" in ghostly whispers. It asks where it is.

Mewtwo Strikes Back continues from this point.





Dr. Fuji Addie Blaustein Dr. Fuji Yōsuke Akimoto フジ博士 秋元羊介
Young Mewtwo Addie Blaustein Mewtwo Showtaro Morikubo ミュウツー 森久保祥太郎
Ambertwo Kerry Williams I-two Kyoko Hikami アイツー 氷上恭子
Bulbasaurtwo Tara Jayne Fushigidanetwo Etsuko Kozakura フシギダネツー 小桜エツ子
Charmandertwo Michael Haigney Hitokagetwo Yūji Ueda ヒトカゲツー うえだゆうじ
Squirtletwo Eric Stuart Zenigametwo Satomi Kōrogi ゼニガメツー こおろぎさとみ


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