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The Speed Gamers' logo

The Speed Gamers are a group of gamers based in Texas that play video games for charity. As of July 2011, they have raised $289,895.64 for fifteen charities.

Pokémon marathons

December 2008

The Speed Gamers began their first Pokémon Marathon on December 19, 2008, at 5:00 PM CST - which ended on December 22, 2008 at 6:00 PM CST. Their goal was to capture every single Pokémon possibly obtainable in America at the time. This meant that they intended to capture 491 Pokémon, leaving out Shaymin and Arceus. Running on time with everything going smoothly, their Pokémon Ruby cartridge's battery ran out, meaning that by the end they had 429 Pokémon. The marathon was scheduled to be 72 hours long although they went over their time limit slightly due to the technical problem.

They raised $5,923.69 for ACT Today (Autism Care and Treatment).

December 2009

The evolution of Bayleef, giving them the final Pokémon.

Running between December 18, 2009 and December 21, 2009 was The Speed Gamers' second Pokémon marathon. This time, they were aiming for all 493 officially released Pokémon in the 72 hours they gave themselves. They had the support of well known Let's Player, Chuggaaconroy. Starting 20 minutes late on December 18, The Speed Gamers finished at 6:07 PM CST, thus completing their goal of all Pokémon in 72 hours.

They raised $18,358.96 for Ally's House.

March 2011 (Retro)

On March 11 2011, The Speed Gamers started a 72 hour marathon attempting to get all 251 available in the first two generations of Pokémon games. They completed this feat with help from the Mew and Celebi glitches in the time allotted.

They raised $15,394.03 for ALS Association.

June 2012

Running between June 15, 2012 and June 22, 2012 was The Speed Gamers' fourth Pokémon marathon in aid of ACT Today, a charity dedicated to raising awareness and providing treatment services and support to families of children with autism. The gamers aimed to catch all 646 currently available Pokémon during the seven-day event, which also featured playthroughs of numerous side games such as Pokémon Stadium, battles in Pokémon Battle Revolution and gameplay from the then newly-released Pokémon Conquest. Viewers making donations were entered into a series of prize draws and contests throughout the week to win prizes such as games, merchandise and hand-made artwork. This was the first charity marathon to be live streamed by Bulbagarden.

They raised $59,111.00 for ACT Today.

Previous marathons

Donation box from 2008

Below is a table with all of the marathons The Speed Gamers have done as of May 2010. Entries in italics were not for charity.

Marathon Month/Year Length Charity Money Raised
Zelda March 2008 72 hours St. Jude Children's Research Hospital $1,090.00
Zelda June 2008 72 hours Giggles Therapy (Autism) $1,450.75
Mario July 2008 48 hours No Charity N/A
Metroid August 2008 72 hours St. Jude Children's Research Hospital $6,123.79
Mother/Earthbound August 2008 55 hours No Charity - "PK Call In" N/A
Halo September 2008 24 hours No Charity N/A
"Hallowe'en" October 2008 48 hours Lupus Foundation of America $1,060.00
Pokémon - Catch 491 Pokémon December 2008 72 hours ACT Today (Autism Care and Treatment) $5,923.69
Zelda March 2009 72 hours Ally's House $6,235.39
Mother/Earthbound May 2009 72 hours Susan G. Komen $10,586.00
Metal Gear June 2009 72 hours No Charity N/A
Final Fantasy July 2009 168 hours ACT Today (Autism Care and Treatment) $50,734.63
Mega Man August 2009 72 hours Earth Day Network $7,188.06
Resident Evil October 2009 49 hours The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation $8,349.54
Pokémon - Catch 493 Pokémon December 2009 72 hours Ally's House $18,358.96
Metroid March 2010 72 hours Halton Autistic Family Support Group $11,616.50
Mother/Earthbound May 2010 48 hours Susan G. Komen $10,749.32
Mario June 2010 189 hours* ACT Today! $57,399
Assassin’s Creed/Prince of Persia August 2010 72 Hours Gulf Restoration Network $10,550.04
Castlevania October 2010 48 Hours Rocking H Ranch $6,926.50*
Kingdom Hearts December 2010 72 Hours Best Friends Animal Society $10,624.65
Pokémon Retro - Catch 251 Pokémon March 2011 72 hours ALS Association $15,394.03
Metroid May 2011 72 Hours Civic Force $8,251.85
Star Wars July 2011 168 Hours Direct Relief International $11,254.09
Pokémon - catch 646 Pokémon June 2012 168 Hours ACT Today $59,111.00

In addition, during "The Summer of Zelda" (July 2010), the Speed Gamers helped ACT Today win $20,000 through the Chase Community Giving contest by streaming a Zelda game most nights of the month and encouraging people to vote for ACT Today in the contest. They also held a Community Stream month in October 2010, raising a further $2,075 for ACT Today.

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