The Sensational Sisters

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Daisy, Violet and Lily -- The Sensational Sisters

The Sensational Sisters (Japanese: ハナダ姉妹 Hanada Water Sisters) are a group consisting of Misty's three older sisters, Daisy, Violet, and Lily. At some point before the series, the sisters were put in charge of the Cerulean Gym. However, after Gary and the other two Trainers from Pallet Town defeated them one after the other, they decided to stop accepting battle-challenges and instead perform water ballet shows for the residents of Cerulean City. Their younger sister Misty would eventually take over as Gym Leader.

In the anime

They first appeared in the episode The Water Flowers of Cerulean City. When Ash came to the Gym to earn his Cascade Badge, he, with his Pikachu and Brock, were surprised to find that instead of a battle, a show was going on where the sisters were performing. At the end of the show, Ash found them out and asked them about the Gym Leader. They informed him that they were the Gym Leaders, but as their Pokémon were tired, they no longer battled. Daisy then offered to give away the Cascade Badge to Ash for nothing. Misty however appeared just then and challenged Ash to a battle to win the Badge.

They were continuing to neglect the Gym duties when Misty stopped by to drop off her Starmie and her Horsea to play at the gym in The Misty Mermaid. It is unknown for how long afterward the sisters continued to do this.

In Gotta Catch Ya Later!, the sisters called Misty to tell her that they had won a trip around the world. They made Misty return to Cerulean City so she could take over the role of Gym Leader for them.

They returned to the gym two weeks before A Date with Delcatty. However, Misty is still the official Gym Leader, with the trio filling in when Misty is away. Despite this, they still don't like battling, and in A Real Cleffa-Hanger, Daisy asked Misty if they could just give Badges to the Trainers instead of battling them. It was shown that they already did give away Badges to Trainers, since Jimmy's only Badge was the Cascade Badge, because he helped them clean the gym.

In the manga

In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga

Daisy, Violet and Lily in the manga

Daisy, Violet and Lily appear in the manga series The Electric Tale of Pikachu, which is based on the Pokémon anime. Like in the anime, the three sisters run the Cerulean Gym together. Unlike in the anime, Misty shares equal power with them, and they seem to get along better with her for the most part.

The sisters' first appearance is in Play Misty For Me. They were originally going to battle Ash for the Cascade Badge, however, Misty appeared at the last minute and asked that she battle him instead. They tease Misty about the battle later, implying that she may have a crush on Ash. The Sensational Sisters appear again later in The Human Race and the Pokémon Race, where they are attending the Nomads Independence Day festival with Misty.

Like many female characters in the manga, the Sensational Sisters are all depicted with large busts (and in skimpy swimsuits), though this is edited out of VIZ Media's English translations.


  • In The Water Flowers of Cerulean City, Misty called herself "the youngest sensational sister," but her sisters told her that she did not yet possess the qualities needed to become one.
    • Similarly, in The Electric Tale of Pikachu, Misty tells Ash that he will never forget "the four sisters of Cerulean." Ash responds with, "You mean, the three sisters and the loser!"
  • The sisters are all named after a type of flower.
  • Daisy is the only sister that has a nicknamed Pokémon.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Sœurs Sensationnelles
Germany Flag.png German Azuria-Schwestern
Italy Flag.png Italian Sorelle Sensazionali
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Irmãs Sensacionais

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