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The Sea (Japanese: ) is a song found on the It's a White Tomorrow! Team Rocket album. It is a lyrical adaptation of the Surf theme from Generation I. It was composed by Junichi Masuda and performed by Reiko Shiraha.


Japanese English translation
Nami yurare yuuhi odoru
Hohoenda (Mata ashita) -tte
Shiokase yorisoi shibaraku yasumou
Tatakau yu'uki ga afurete kurukara

Manten no hoshi ga uta'u
Sasayaita (Ganbarou) -tte
Mikazuki yurikago yume mite nemuruu
Tabi suru genki ga afurete kurukara
Rocked by waves the evening sun dances
He smiled and said "See you tomorrow"
Accompanied by the sea breeze finally he rests
For the courage to fight overflows

The stars all over the sky sing
They whisper "Do your best"
In a crescent moon cradle I sleep dreaming
For I'm brimming with excitement for the trip

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