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The PokéMasters.

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The PokéMasters forums (also known as TPM or TPMf) are the forums serving The PokéMasters website.

Originally, the web site was going to be located at, with a .net site originally added for the forums. Eventually, due to a domain name ownership complication, the site was renamed Today, the forums are located at, with the site at


The forums were created in March 2000 by Pokemaster Kevin. They became an instant hit among the Pokémon community. Among the most popular forums were the Polls, Games and Clubs, Anime Style Battling, and the Shipping forums.

Unfortunately, the forums seemed to have a series of problems. Several of the forums, most notably the Shippers, were experiencing problems with spam. This lead to a majority of the members leaving and the Shipping forum itself being closed. A resurrection a few years later proved to be only temporary, and the forum was closed for good after inactivity.

In 2002, after a server shut down, the board was moved to an ezboard. However, the move proved to be temporary; not long afterward, a vB was set up, and all the old members got their accounts back.

After another server shutdown in 2005, the forums moved to yet another new server. They reopened in July 2005 using Simple Machines Forum as their new software. A year later, the forums moved back to vBulletin.

As of September 2009, Lady Vulpix, who was previously a Super Moderator, was given an administrator position.

The site is still around today, frequented by new and old members alike.


The following is a list of the staff of the PokéMasters.


  • Pokemaster Kevin - Webmaster of The PokéMasters
  • Chris
  • Lady Vulpix
  • Little_Pikachu

Super Moderators

  • Andrew
  • Gavin Luper
  • Zak


  • Austrian Vicemaster Alex - DS/3DS Pokémon Games, General Discussion, Other Pokémon Games, and Tabletop, Cards and other Games
  • Ayeun - Anime Style Battling
  • ChobiChibi - Role Playing Games
  • classy_cat18 - FanFiction
  • Crazy Elf Boy - FanArt
  • Drago - Video Games
  • Fett One - Eighth Generation
  • Gavin Luper - FanFiction
  • Greyfox - Anime Style Battling
  • Heald - Miscellaneous Stuff and Mt. Moon
  • Jeff - The PokéMasters Website
  • kainashi - Forum Help, Mt. Moon, and The Binary District
  • Knight of Time - Games, Games, Games!
  • Mikachu Yukitatsu - Anime and Manga
  • Mr.E - Classic Generation
  • Number1ChanseyFan - Fourth Generation
  • Telume - TPM News

Former Staff

  • Crystal Tears - Moderator
  • Damian Silverblade - Moderator
  • DarkestLight - Moderator
  • Gyro - Original Staff Member
  • Hypotenuse Man - Moderator
  • Ledian X - Moderator
  • MeLoVeGhOsTs - Moderator
  • mr_pikachu - Moderator
  • Murgatroyd - Moderator
  • Ninetales3001 - Report and Editorial Writer/Forum Moderator
  • PancaKe - Moderator
  • PNT510 - Moderator
  • RedStarWarrior - Moderator
  • Roy Karrde - Moderator
  • shazza - Moderator
  • The_Missing_Link - Moderator
  • Weasel Overlord - Moderator
  • ZMidnightZ - Original Staff Member

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