The Phantom

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This article is about the 9th movie villain. For the coordinator who went by this name, see Timmy Grimm.

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The Phantom is a villainous movie character from Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. He is a blue-haired and bearded pirate who has a big group of grunts. His Japanese voice actor is 藤岡 弘、 Hiroshi Fujioka and his English voice actor is Eric Schussler.

He originally stole the Manaphy egg as it was drifting through the ocean. He had it in his possession for only a few minutes when Jack Walker took it back and escaped.

James later called the Phantom to let him know where the Manaphy egg was. This led to the Marina Group, along with Ash and his friends being attacked by the Phantom and their trailer got pulled away. When the group got to the ruins left by the People of the Water, he followed.

He was even later seen tracking down the group's boat in desperate attempt to get Manaphy for his own. He apparently wanted the Sea Crown very badly. When Lizabeth, Ash, May, Max, and Brock entered the the Sea Temple, he followed.

Once he got to the Sea Crown, he started taking the jewels off it one by one, causing the Sea Temple to sink. Jack Walker came and put most of the jewels back in place. After a frantic fight over one jewel both of them fell off a ledge.

A while after that, he got out of the sinking temple on a water rocket. After the temple was saved, he came up and stole Manaphy one last time. However, Ash grabbed it back and Phantom was flung into the water.

Phantom believes that there are two types of people in the world; one that has self-control and the other that doesn't.