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(If possible, could someone find the ISBN number and an image of the book?)
(I have a picture of the back and inside cover, but they are not of wiki quality. I'm pretty sure this wasn't published in 2013. Maybe '99 or 2000?)
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image_size=200px |
image_size=200px |
ISBN= 0-439-31748-7|
author=[[Maria S. Barbo]]|
author=[[Maria S. Barbo]]|

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The Official Pokémon Collector's Sticker Book 3
ISBN: 0-439-31748-7
Published: 2013
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Maria S. Barbo
Preceded By: The Official Pokémon Collector's Sticker Book 2
Succeeded By: None

The Official Pokémon Collector's Sticker Book 3 is a Pokémon book, meant to be written inside by its owner to record information on its owner’s experiences with each of the Pokémon listed.


The book possesses different sections for all Pokémon of Generation II. There are 99 stickers to be used upon capture of a particular species of Pokémon, to take and apply to the Pokémon silhouettes in their specific sections. After the sticker is applied, the owner may answer some questions such as the Pokémon’s nickname and where the owner got it on the spaces supplied. Included in each section is a summary similar to that of the Pokédex entry.


DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES ... to catch all 99 Gold and Silver Pokémon? ... to make it as a Gold and Silver Pokémon trainer? ... to be the world's greatest Pokémon Master?

It's a whole new world of Pokémon, and now, with the Official Pokémon Collector's Sticker Book #3, you can catch 'em all!

Collect 99 full-color stickers of the cool Gold and Silver Pokémon. Match the sticker to the Pokémon's name and number in the book. Then check out exciting stats that every great Gold and Silver Pokémon trainer needs to know. There's even a space on each page for you to fill in your own secrets and stats for each new Pokémon you catch.

Do you have what it takes to become a Gold and Silver Pokémon Master?

Turn the page and find out!

Back cover blurb

Gold and Silver Pokémon blast off!

The Gold and Silver Pokémon are here, and now you can catch 'em all!

Collect exciting full-color stickers of all the Gold and Silver Pokémon, including more than 60 Pokémon you've never seen before.

Read up on all the important info you'll need to train your new Pokémon. Fill in the stats about each Pokémon you catch. Find out if you have what it takes to become the World's Greatest Pokémon Master!

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