The Greatest - Everyday!

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High Touch!‎
Japanese opening themes


Saikō - Everyday!
The Greatest - Everyday!
DP OP 03
Artist あきよしふみえ
Fumie Akiyoshi
Lyrics あきよしふみえ&GJ
Fumie Akiyoshi & GJ
Composer 三留一純
Kazumi Mitome
Arrangement 三留一純
Kazumi Mitome
Pikachu Records single
Title サイコー・エブリディ!
The Greatest - Everyday!
Catalog no.

The Greatest - Everyday! (Japanese: サイコー・エブリディ! Saikō - Everyday!) is the third opening song of the Diamond & Pearl series. It debuted with DP158 on January 7, 2010, replacing High Touch! 2009.

Opening animation

OP Text

Japanese English
The mysterious creatures of this planet
Pocket Monsters...
"Pokémon" for short!
Now, the story of Satoshi and Hikari,
and Pokémon,
Their meetings, adventures, and battles
Are about to begin!


The animation begins with a close-up of Ho-Oh, panning out to reveal Ash and Pikachu chasing after it. The logo appears. It then cuts to Ash throwing a Poké Ball, where his Infernape appears and jumps up to combat Entei, dodging its Flamethrower. Buizel is then seen jumping up and using SonicBoom, which is blocked by Darkrai, who counters with Dark Pulse. From the smoke of the impact, Pikachu appears, jumping to avoid an Aura Sphere from Lucario and using Iron Tail. The scene shifts to Croagunk using Brick Break, then changes once again to Dawn turning and smiling. Dawn's Pokémon appear - first Piplup and Pachirisu, then Mamoswine and Cyndaquil, and lastly Togekiss and Buneary. All of Dawn's rivals — Zoey, Ursula, Nando, Kenny, and Jessalina — are shown, with the Ribbon Cup shining in the background.

The scene changes to Brock turning to look at the sky, where Latios, Latias, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres fly over him, Ash, Dawn, and their Pokémon. Team Rocket are then shown on their Magikarp submarine in the ocean when a Kyogre emerges from the water beneath them, as well as a Lugia. Groudon bursts from a nearby island and uses Hyper Beam as Lugia uses Aeroblast and Kyogre uses Ice Beam. The three attacks collide, creating an explosion with smoke.

The smoke clears to show Team Rocket floating in outer space. Mew and Mewtwo appear and fly past the trio, with Rayquaza and Deoxys close behind. The scene transitions to Ash and company at a flower field and a nearby pond with Manaphy in it, and Celebi, Jirachi, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf floating around them. A Shaymin appears, and transforms into its Sky Forme as a closeup of the flowers reveals them to be Gracideas.

Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina are seen emerging from the clouds to join Arceus. A closeup of each of Ash's current Pokémon appears, and then cuts to Paul facing off against Ash. The camera backs out to reveal a large battlefield with miscellaneous Pokémon silhouetted in the background. Ash and a variety of his Pokémon are ready for battle against his rivals Nando, Conway, Paul, and Barry, while Dawn and Brock look on.





Japanese English
HA! HA! HA!!
HA! HA! HA!!

なかなか 手強い 相手も
ますます 燃えちゃう バトル (ホント?)
フラフラ ヨレヨレ 大ピンチ
決めろ アイアンテールで スマイリング

(Everything is Good!!)
OH!! めざめるパワー
(Never Give Up!!)
さあ立ち上がれ おいかぜに乗って

しゃかりき なりきり はりきり
みんなで進もう エブリデイ
森も 川も 山も 越える
この感じ 最高!! (サイコー!!)

友情 愛情 根性
進化してるよ エブリデイ
いいね いいね いいね いくぜ

ぼくら グッド・コンビネーション
ばっちり コミュニケーション
いつだって ハイ・テンション
WOW WO シャララ だから ダイジョウブ

ぼくら グッド・バイブレーション
あすに コングラチュレーション
いつだって レボリューション
いくぜ この道 めざせポケモンマスター
HA! HA! HA!!
HA! HA! HA!!

Even with the pretty tough opponents
The battles heat up more and more! (really?)
Staggering, worn out, big trouble!
Decide on Iron Tail while smiling!

(Everything is Good!!)
OH!! Hidden Power
(Never Give Up!!)
Come on, stand up and ride the tailwinds!

Motivation, Role Play, Hustle!
Let's continue together everyday!
Crossing through forests, rivers, mountains
This feeling is the greatest! (The greatest!)

Friendship, love, willpower!
We're evolving everyday!
How nice, how nice, how nice, let's go!

We've got a good combination!
Perfect communication!
Always high tension!
WOW WO shalala so it's all right!

We've got a good vibration!
Congratulations towards tomorrow!
Always a revolution!
Let's go on this road, aim to be a Pokémon Master!


  • This is one of a few songs to be released on a CD prior to its debut as an anime theme. However, it is in instrumental format only on the CD.
  • Not counting A New Oath, this is the only Japanese opening where an artist other than Rica Matsumoto returns to perform another opening.
  • This is the first opening since spurt to show all the captures and evolutions before they happen



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High Touch!‎
Japanese opening themes


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