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The Best of Pokémon Adventures is the title of two compilations of the Pokémon Adventures manga released by VIZ Media in 2006. The books contain a sample of chapters from the first two story arcs. As a result of this abridging, many key events (including much of the Team Rocket storyline in the Red volume) are left out. This sometimes leads to references to events that are not included in the actual collection.

Both volumes are based on VIZ Media's first edition of Pokémon Adventures and retain the flipped, left-to-right reading format of the original publication. The success of the compilation volumes resulted in VIZ Media re-releasing the entire series from volume one beginning in June 2009.

Red volume

The Red volume is comprised of chapters from the Red, Green & Blue chapter. It features the opening five chapters, the three introductory chapters of Green, the two chapters where Red acquires Gyarados, and the Pokémon League championship tournament.

The Best of Pokémon Adventures: Red was released on October 6, 2006 (ISBN 1421509288).

Chapter Code Title
1 PS001 A Glimpse of the Glow
2 PS002 Bulbasaur, Come Home!
3 PS003 The Secret of Kangaskhan
4 PS004 Wanted: Pikachu!
5 PS005 Onix is On!
6 PS015 Wartortle Wars
7 PS016 Tauros the Tyrant
8 PS017 The Jynx Jinx
9 PS024 What a Dragonite
10 PS025 You know... Articuno!
11 PS039 Just a Spearow Carrier
12 PS040 A Charizard...and a Champion

Yellow volume

The Yellow volume is comprised of chapters from the Yellow chapter. It features the two opening chapters, Bill and Yellow's battle with Lorelei, two standalone chapters of Yellow traveling and the final battle between Yellow and Lance. No rounds from Volume 6 are included in this compilation.

The Best of Pokémon Adventures: Yellow was released on December 5, 2006 (ISBN 1421509296).

Chapter Code Title
1 PS041 Ponyta Tale
2 PS042 Do do that Doduo
3 PS044 Do wrong, Dewgong!
4 PS045 Cloystered
5 Raging Rattata
6 PS054 Pidgeotto Pick-Me-Up
7 PS063 Extricated from Exeggutor
8 PS082 Eradicate Raticate!
9 PS086 Double Dragonair
10 PS087 Rhyhorn Rising
11 PS088 The Beedrill All and End All
12 PS089 The Might of... Metapod!?
13 PS090 The Legend

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