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title=The Art Of Pokémon The First Movie |
title=The Art Of Pokémon The First Movie |
image=The-Art-of-Pokemon-the-First-Movie-cover.jpg‎ |
image=Art of M01 cover.jpg |
image_size=200px |
image_size=200px |
published=November 1999|
published=November 1999|
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* Marill is erroneously stated to be a '''Balloon''' instead of ''Aqua Mouse'' Pokémon.
* Marill is erroneously stated to be a '''Balloon''' instead of ''Aqua Mouse'' Pokémon.
** Page 59 misspells Marill as ''Merril''.
** Page 59 misspells Marill as ''Merril''.
* [[Misty's Togetic|Togepi's]] gender is stated as Male.
* [[Misty's Togetic|Togepi's]] gender is stated as male.
* Snubbull's name is misspelled as ''Snubble''.
* Snubbull's name is misspelled as ''Snubble''.
* On page 50, {{p|Horsea}}'s eyes are completely red.
* On page 50, {{p|Horsea}}'s eyes are completely red.

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The Art Of Pokémon The First Movie
ISBN: 0613226844
Published: November 1999
Publisher: Viz Communications
Author: Takeshi Shudo

The Art Of Pokémon The First Movie is a visual novelization of the first movie.


The book follows much of what the movie contained. Each page summarizes up parts of the movie and provides imagery from those segments of the movie too.

The section after the movie pages gives details on Mew saying it is incredibly elusive and has shown up to stop the battle. Mewtwo (which the book states on Mew's page can be thought of as Mew's child) says it was disillusioned by humans after its creation and said it would be the greatest Trainer in the world, it also said it can easily control the minds of people and it speaks telepathically. The next four pages give info on various Pokémon from the movie. Charizard's Flamethrower is said to be hot enough to melt boulders. Donphan is shown but it is stated that not much info is known about it at the time. The image says it attacks by curling into a ball. Corey's Venusaur is shown using Leaf Cutter which can "slice through almost anything like a hot knife through butter." Corey's Vaporeon is stated to be able to melt in water to make itself invisible. Neesha's Wigglytuff and Vileplume are stated to be popular among girl Trainers and that Erika of Celadon City has a Vileplume. Various other Pokémon owned by the Trainers who arrived at the island are also spoken of.

The Pikachu's Vacation segment of the book is written by Hideki Sonoda. Before having fun Misty's Togepi is crying and Pikachu and company try to make it stop crying with funny faces. Squirtle then gets a bright idea to get the apple from the nearby tree. With help from Bulbasaur they get the apple down but before they can give it to Togepi, Psyduck eats it. Finally, Bulbasaur is able to make it fall asleep by holding it with Vine Whip and singing a lullaby. However, soon after getting Togepi to sleep, Raichu, Snubbull, Cubone, and Marill come along making a loud ruckus and awake Togepi. Bulbasaur and Squirtle become angered that their efforts went to waste. While Pikachu tries to calm them all down, Togepi wanders off.

Togepi wanders onto a log and Pikachu frantically rushes over but the log has begun to move and Togepi simply finds it to be all fun and games. They both fall off into the river and Pikachu gets them back to land safely. As they come back, Squirtle and Snubbull are in a bragging contest trying to prove who is better with neither one backing down. Squirtle and Marill decide to have a race in the pool to see who is faster. Pikachu and Electrode announce the race beginning and the two are off into the water seeing who can swim faster. Marill not paying attention or looking up bumps into Starmie and Squirtle takes the lead before wondering what has happened and sees it has swam onto a Goldeen who is going in the opposite direction. Moments later Marill is back on course and wins. Marill and its friends are happy about the victory.

None of Pikachu's efforts to make the Pokémon befriend one another work. Raichu in happiness accidentally shoots a bit of electricity towards Togepi. Pikachu gets in the way taking the hit and suddenly becomes angered. They both become reckless seeing who is faster not caring about what havoc they cause around other Pokémon racing all around the camp. However, on the mountain Charizard is taking a nap when suddenly Raichu and Pikachu step on his tail, in anger he chases after them knocking them off the road and onto a sleeping Snorlax who they bounce off of. Just as they think they are safe, Snorlax rolls over on top of them.

After struggling Pikachu and Raichu get out from under Snorlax. Charizard while being cocky flies by and ends up getting his head stuck in a pipe. Despite all his effort, Charizard can't get free of the pipe. Meowth says it's too noisy and checks to see the noise only for the flame from Charizard to scorch his face. Tears form in his eyes and he suddenly feels a rope around his leg. All the Pokémon try hard to get his head free but they still get him free of the pipe. Snubbull and friends laugh though finding it hilarious that Charizard can't get out and that all the Pokémon falling as they try to help is also funny. Pikachu asks them for help and after a bit of thought lend a hand and even the loner Cubone joins in in helping get Charizard free. After much effort Charizard's head pops out and all the Pokémon cheer in excitement.

After Charizard is freed all the Pokémon help clean up the mess and are all friends in no time at all as the fun fixing up the mess they made and finally get around to having fun. As the sun sets all the Pokémon watch it. Pikachu remembers to enjoy each day as it will never come again and that the next year's summer vacation will be different from this year's. Remembering that Ash said something like that. Pikachu and Snubbull shake hands cementing their friendship agreeing to see each other again one day somewhere. All the Pokémon leave going back to their Trainers.


  • Raymond is simply called Pirate Trainer and Dr. Fuji is called The Professor.
  • The giant structure Mewtwo created on New Island is called Pokémon Palace.
  • Mew is accidentally shown to be a New Specie instead of New Species Pokémon.
  • Marill is erroneously stated to be a Balloon instead of Aqua Mouse Pokémon.
    • Page 59 misspells Marill as Merril.
  • Togepi's gender is stated as male.
  • Snubbull's name is misspelled as Snubble.
  • On page 50, Horsea's eyes are completely red.

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