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Pokémon Dream Radar logo EN.png This user is a player of Pokémon Dream radar.

This template can change in many ways:

The code to make this template primarily colored as the Electric type (and also have Thundurus's sprite in it): {{User:Clubchloe1/User Dream radar|Th|642T}} .

The code to make it primarily colored the flying type is (and also have Tornadus's sprite): {{User:Clubchloe1/User Dream radar|To|641T}} .

The code to make it primarily colored the ground type and have Landorus's sprite is: {{User:Clubchloe1/User Dream radar|La|645T}} .

You can even have a different Pokémon's sprite too! Just put in the Pokémon's sprite file name after the first parameter. Example: {{User:Clubchloe1/User Dream radar|Dream|494}} Note: The "Dream" in the first parameter will make it colored as shown on this template. Also, adding this template to any page will make it categorized in Category:Pokémon Dream Radar players