Template:User All Legendaries

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144XYMS.png145XYMS.png146XYMS.png150XYMS.png151MS.png243MS.png244MS.png245MS.png249MS.png250MS.png251MS.png377MS.png378MS.png379MS.png380MS.png381MS.png382MS.png383MS.png384MS.png385MS.png386MS.png480MS.png481MS.png482MS.png483MS.png484MS.png485MS.png486MS.png487MS.png488MS.png489MS.png490MS.png491MS.png492MS.png493MS.png This user owns one of each and every Legendary Pokémon.

If you're unhappy with the text or images in this template, you can easily follow it by using the following code.


{{Template:User All Legendaries|all but one of the|[[Image:150.png|50px]]}} Would appear as

150.png This user owns all but one of the Legendary Pokémon.