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This template is used on Pokémon pages to outline their base stats.

How to use

This template should be used be used in a subsection of "Stats" entitled "Base stats" ("Stats" being a subsection of "Game data").


All parameters are case sensitive.

Parameter Allowed values Notes
type NormalFireFightingWaterFlyingGrassPoisonElectricGroundPsychicRockIceBugDragonGhostDarkSteelFairy??? The Pokémon's type. Use the first listed in the Pokédex, where applicable. Defaults to ???.
type2 NormalFireFightingWaterFlyingGrassPoisonElectricGroundPsychicRockIceBugDragonGhostDarkSteelFairy??? Optional. The Pokémon's second type.
HP Number The Pokémon's base HP.
Attack Number The Pokémon's base Attack.
Defense Number The Pokémon's base Defense.
SpAtk Number The Pokémon's base Special Attack.
SpDef Number The Pokémon's base Special Defense.
Speed Number The Pokémon's base Speed.
Special Number Optional. The Pokémon's base Special stat from Generation I.
nocat true Optional. Prevents the template from adding the page to any categories.


This code:

|type = Grass
|type2 = Fairy
|HP = 131
|Attack = 89
|Defense = 88
|SpAtk = 104
|SpDef = 91
|Speed = 121
|Special = 125
|nocat = true

Creates: |type2 = Fairy |HP = 131 |Attack = 89 |Defense = 88 |SpAtk = 104 |SpDef = 91 |Speed = 121 |Special = 125 |nocat = true }}