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December 20 196

With every changing of the guard, a new deputy must be chosen. The person who is the new deputy Editor-in-Chief has a lot of experience on Bulbapedia. She has been staff for four years, and in that time she quickly rose to the Editorial Board. She has proven herself a reliable and dedicated staff member. Most recently, she has been taking care of our images as Archives Director. The new deputy Editor-in-Chief of Bulbapedia is none other than Kogoro.

In addition, the vacant Head of Games position on the Editorial Board is filled. The Head of Games is responsible for overseeing game-related matters, and is the highest authority on them besides the Editor-in-Chief, deputy and Editorial Board as a whole. This position goes to someone who has impressed with the quality of some of her earliest edits, and never looked back. She has shown to be an adept editor over a range of different sections and impressed with her handling of some issues. Congratulations Jo The Marten and welcome to the Editorial Board.

A few other dedicated users receive promotions. Congratulations to Adyniz, Dennou Zenshi, Spriteit, 神奇超龍 and G50.

With the formalities over, on behalf of the staff of Bulbagarden we would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

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