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Brock (Japanese: タケシ Takeshi) is the Leader of the Pewter City Gym and one of the main characters of the anime. In all forms of Pokémon canon, he is noted to specialize in Template:Type2 Pokémon, though since his introduction has been seen to spread out, most especially in the anime.

In the anime, Brock has been featured in every episode from his introduction in Showdown at Pewter City to the present, notably with the exception of a brief period of time during the Orange Islands arc. He is voiced by うえだゆうじ Yūji Ueda in the original Japanese and Eric Stuart (4Kids) and Bill Rogers (PUSA). He notably focuses more on caring for his Pokémon than battling them, a likely carryover from the care he had for his younger brothers and sisters while their parents, Lola and Flint, were away.

In the games, Brock is a noted fossil enthusiast, digging in Mt. Moon, which is nearby his hometown, for rare fossils of Pokémon that went extinct eons before the present. Due to this, he is shown to have both a Kabutops and an Omastar when he is challenged in battle during Generation II.

Brock was featured in the TCG in the Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge expansions, as well as in the Japan-exclusive Pokémon VS and fifth, eighth, ninth movie half decks. Of the cards belonging to him, most referenced either the anime or Pokémon Special manga versions of him.

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